January 30, 2011

Aw mannnnnnn

So I decided while staying true to my "trying to eat more vegetables/fruit" campaign that I would make some broccoli soup today. I saw this recipe in a random magazine and cut it out - basically pretending that I would make it some day. Well, it's some day.  Let's give it a whirl. 

Now, I have always loved raw broccoli - I just normally eat a little tree at a time. I have never actually chopped it up into pieces before. That was fun. Little rolling green balls all over my counter/sink/floor - you name it. When the mess was cleaned up I brought that sucker to a boil. So far so good. Until, while sitting in my recliner watching Sex & the City, the air filled with that all too familiar scent. It is currently wafting through my home like a raging inferno. I have a Christmas Cookie candle lit - NOT helping. Now I'm nauseous from the combo. My husband just came home and almost passed out at the door. 

Whoops. Note to self - don't do this ever again. 

AND THIS is yet another reason why popcorn and peanut m&ms make a better snack than vegetables.

January 28, 2011

It's all very Carrie Bradshaw

New treasury today - Carrie Bradshaw theme - I had so much fun making it !! 

Click HERE to view it

Also today in the shop there is a new print available! It's called Petunia Pretties Up!
You can click HERE to view the listing

January 26, 2011


"Treasury is Etsy's ever-changing, member-curated shopping gallery. Members create and share lists of items. Beautiful, diverse lists may be featured on Etsy's home page."

I LOVE making treasuries -  Here are the links to the ones I have made recently ... check out all of the beautiful items!! 

January 25, 2011

beyond... and back

This will surely be one odd post ... but interesting.

I have been a fan of the series I Survived for quite some time now. It is three stories per episode telling victim's accounts of terrifying situations that they endured. While it gives me nightmares and forces me to dream up scary scenarios where my life is jeopardized I still very much enjoy it. Gregg makes fun of me because I am a worrier already and definitely don't need to further worry about things like masked robbers, murderous hitchhikers,  overnight fires and hostage situations, but still, I watch.

Recently I found that there is a new series called I Survived, Beyond and Back... and I am now obsessed with it. This is yet another storytelling series about horrifying situations but in this case the victim actually dies ... and comes back to tell about it. I know. I KNOW!! You think I am a nutbag. It's alright, so do I. BUT I dare you to watch a few episodes or even just ONE and not feel better about things. 

It is captivating. The victims will have died due to anything from a heart-attack to a gang shooting yet their after-death experiences all tell a very similar story. There is a light, different colors sometimes, there is a warmth that encompasses them, sometimes very serene and gentle voices guiding them and always a floating feeling along with complete peace. Most have told of being able to see their body lying wherever they died. They float above it and are able to describe everything they see and hear. One had died in a parking lot and was able to recall a conversation that took place by his family members who were inside the building at the time. Some have had "life reviews" where they are asked questions like, "what did you do for your fellow mankind when you were twelve years old?" Some visited familiar and happy homes from their childhood where their family and friends were waiting for them. Most heard voices saying that it was not their time just yet and they would be going back ... and a small percentage were given a choice to stay or go. 

I think it is very comforting to hear these stories. I find that this show puts me at ease. It is wonderful to think that it is very possible that we will reunite with our deceased loved ones, that we will have this calming and worry-free atmosphere to exist in, that we go on to live a different life after this one on earth. None of us can actually speak intelligently of what happens when we pass on. It is a great big guessing game - and a scary one to a lot of people. But I truly feel comforted after watching this show and hearing so many similar experiences - I urge you to watch just one episode and I hope that you feel the way I do in the end.    

the fruit + veggie experiment

While I have a very good diet - lots of whole grains and lean protein - I seem to always fall behind on my fruits and veggies. I just can't seem to find a good time to sneak them in. I like vegetables much more than fruit so normally I head in that direction but lately I have been trying hard to combine the two and amp it up!

I started by adding zucchini to my egg-whites each morning. Simple enough. Occasionally I have a glass of V8 fusion mid-morning. For lunch I add spinach and tomato to a grilled cheese made with low-sodium American cheese on light wheat bread. Sometimes a cup of vegetable or escarole soup. If I snack in the afternoon I am trying to grab either a handful of grapes or a bunch of raw broccoli - one of my favorites! Dinner usually consists of chicken, brown rice and broccoli or peas... sometimes salad. I think if I stick to this method I will have my bases covered! I always take a multi-vitamin daily but we get most of our nutrients from food so I'm trying to be more conscious of it all. 

Wish I could just eat pasta and junior mints all the time. Ooh and s'mores. And hot chocolate. And popcorn. And chocolate covered pretzels. And and and and ... 

Screw the veggies - What are your favorite snacks??  

January 23, 2011

funk that

Man alive. Ya know when you can't quite put your finger on it but you just feel like something is off? Yeah, I have that feeling today. I feel like my head is in jello. Or a storm cloud. Nothing is really making me laugh - which is unheard of - yet nothing seems to be the problem! I almost feel like I wasn't even in my own body today, like someone else is occupying my brain. Yikes! Crazy whacked out feeling for sure. I guess it could be hormones... women always seem to get that fun end of the stick. Or possibly the moon and stars are in just the right position to suck the fun out of my head. Who knows? Either way I'm not having it. WEIRDNESS, BE GONE!! 

I was quite productive in any event. I made a flier to post in various public locations promoting my etsy shop. Hopefully the right people will stop to read it and pass it along to their friends. That is one of the best ways to get traffic after all - word of mouth. Here is the flier in case you have a certain bulletin board in mind that it would look nice on and want to help me out with spreading the word ... 

I am now working on my business cards... which is proving to be harder than I thought. What I WANT to do will cost too much money to have printed and be too much work for me to do myself. Waaaaaaa. Plan B. A little more generic, still cute, won't make me happy. Oh well. We all have to settle sometimes, right?

Hope you all had a lovely weekend and try to stay warm this week!! We are in for some frigid temps so BUNDLE UP, loves!!! xo 

January 19, 2011

lamp alternative

Guess I wasn't quite ready to say goodbye to the lovely glow of holiday lights. I simply took a strand of white wired miniature lights and added the tangled mess to a hurricane lamp that matches my dining room. We now have a festive glow (and a new lamp) without spending a penny. 


January 18, 2011

what a brat

Wow! What a busy weekend I have had. My mind is totally preoccupied with my Etsy efforts. I think the hardest part is over, the anticipation, preparation and execution. Now it's maintenance, faithfulness and LOTS of attention. I am having a hard time trying to promote the shop without sounding like an annoying and repetitive brat. Look at me! Look at my stuff! Here I am again! Sheribobbins! Sheribloggins! BLAH! Maybe I will become a household name ... due to my arrogance. Not exactly what I had in mind. But HEY, you have to be your own advocate, right? Just bear with me... for a little longer! And a GIGANTIC thank you to those of you who are helping me spread the word! For your encouragement, kind words, support and ORDERS, THANK YOU so much ~ you're the greatest!  
Click HERE to "like" Petunia on facebook. 

 Newest additions to the shop...

January 16, 2011


This is our "office". We chose this charcoal and scarlet color scheme when we moved in and I do love it but had I known how much time I would be spending in this nook I might have picked some brighter colors. What do ya think?? 

Check out my freshly hung Flapperdoodle prints too!

January 15, 2011

awesome product ...

I wouldn't normally go blabbing about my health and beauty products but THIS I just can't keep to myself.

I bought the Anti-wrinkle SPF moisturizer from the Olay Age Defying series a little over a week ago. Hey, I had a coupon and thought I'd give it a whirl. I've been using Olay Regenerist for years (because I want to have the skin of my friend Shmels who is a few years older than I am and looks like she is fifteen) and I really like it but I think I need to step it up ... or so says my crows feet. Anyway the product boasts less visible lines and wrinkles after five days of daily use. I'll be damned if it isn't true. Honest to God ... I was shocked. I told Gregg yesterday, "Hey! I think my skin looks better!! I might look a few days younger!!" I'm pretty excited about it. My skin seems a little firmer too... I'm impressed, truly. I wouldn't share this ridiculous tidbit if I didn't think you could benefit from it. NOT that I'm saying you look old!! Because you don't. You look lovely. Just lovely.

Check it out if you're in the market for new moisturizer... OLAY

January 14, 2011

sheribobbins on etsy

It's official! I have added my listings and the shop is up and running! I will do my best to add fresh designs as often as possible. Please let me know if you have any ideas for custom designs - I am open to them! 

I will appreciate anyone forwarding my shop info/link, posting it, emailing it, whatever you think of. It is pretty much like finding a needle in a haystack so I need all the help I can get with promoting. 

I realize I am not Salvador Dali and I don't expect a miraculous following but it would be just lovely to see that a few people enjoy my work. 

Thanks everyone for your support and encouragement - love love love. 

~ Sheri

January 13, 2011

i want this chair!!

I am lately so obsessed with gray and white I feel like I could makeover the whole house with the two alone. I love the crisp, wintry pattern of the fabric and the ornate design of the frame itself. LOVE it ALL!! 

You can check out the before image and more Before & Afters here

January 12, 2011

the sheri shop ??

Brrrrrr. By this time every night the cold just creeps into every room of the house. I make a habit of turning the heat down around 8 pm because we love a chilly sleeping temp! My computer is located on the second floor in our den and it gets a little icy up here sometimes. I am usually prepared with finger-less gloves but what I really need is a nose warmer and my Uggs.  (Note to self: bring Uggs upstairs and grab a scarf to tie around my face).

So maybe you have noticed some little doodles and illustrations I have been posting and adding to my blog over the past few weeks... and well, maybe you haven't. Haha. I am slowly incorporating my passion for art/graphic design into Sheribloggins. I always hoped this blog would evolve somehow but never really knew in which way. To be honest I thought I would have deleted it long ago, but the truth is that it has become a very big part of my life. A positive part. An enjoyable part. I look forward to writing and posting and get frustrated when the ideas aren't flowing. A lot of times when I have "writer's block" I look to graphic design to get that creative energy out. 2010 helped me to create quite the portfolio since I was unemployed for most of it. Hey, everything happens for a reason, right?

I have always been told that people enjoy my drawings. Whether they are  made for something special or scratched out on a napkin - friends and family seem to like them. Being somewhat drained in the self-confidence department I had always seen my talent as average... mediocre, nothing special. I just wanted so badly to DO something with my art because I loved creating it so much. I remember going to bed one night last Fall and saying to myself (or anyone listening to my thoughts), please let me wake up knowing what I should be doing. And just like that, it happened. I dreamed of Paul. In this dream I was showing him all of my new artwork. I was SO excited to teach him about digital art since he had never seen it before. He told me how wonderful everything was and how talented I am and that I shouldn't waste it, I should get out there and do something with it. When I woke up from that dream I was sad that I never did get to show him the magic of computer graphics in his lifetime but thrilled that I had gotten my validation.
I decided in September that I would take my chances and open an Etsy shop after the holidays. My shop would offer digital prints, some that I created long ago and lots that were yet to be designed. I worked daily on a variety of illustrations and ideas all with quite a drive. I finally felt like I was on the right track and doing just what I should be (and I felt like I had a special someone in my corner). I am still creating weekly - as many as possible - as quickly as they come to me. I am pretty excited to soon be adding my listings. My shop is in the works, it takes a decent amount of time to get everything in order - it really is a lot of work! I spend hours each day researching, shopping for supplies, writing policies, resizing images etc. I hope it will be worth the effort but no matter what happens I will have such a sense of accomplishment. I already feel a sort of pride for just keeping my focus on this ... a lot of times I get hyped up about something and the drive fades quickly. This time, my eyes haven't left the prize. 

I will keep you guys posted as things progress. Wish me luck!
p.s. my fingers and nose are solid ice.


Sometimes a cake for under four bucks is the way to go!
(Pepperide Farm Coconut 3-layer cake)

January 11, 2011

the mob goes wild wild wild...

Hmm is it going to snow or something? 

Let's just say that New Englanders definitely fit the stereotype when it comes to preparing for a snow day. I just made a quick trip to Dave's Marketplace to pick up a requested cake for the Gregger and DAMN was I greeted with a mob. When I pulled into the lot I instantly remembered that we are getting snow tomorrow. Although, the forecasted snow could fall anytime during the next four days and crowds would still flock. Talk about people panicking. I don't understand it, honestly. I mean, are ALL of these shoppers out of food? Do they consume an entire carriage's worth of food each day? Will that man eat all eleven packages of Perdue chicken thighs tomorrow? Man alive.

I was blown away when I found a fantastic parking space. It took me less than thirty seconds to find the necessary cake and I headed to the check-out lines. I don't shop around for a decent line, I get in one and wait there. Simple. My best guess would be that there were six to eight people in each line and all registers were open, which I've never seen before. I had a chatterbox in front of me but she was very nice, lives in Tiverton and her husband is on a grilled cheese kick. He has been adding tomato so I let her know that spinach is my favorite grilled cheese accessory. She replied that bacon is hers. All in all my experience was good, I didn't have to throw down. I may have angered a few cart-pushers while I weaved in and out of traffic with ease - no cart to slow me down. Even the cashier was friendly and wished me a happy snow day. 

My advice to anyone in the Northeast Region today - have patience in the stores, go only if you NEED something and maybe wear sneakers and bring some Powerade. 

Happy SNOWFALL !! Be safe!  

better-half birthday

I would like to wish a very Happy Birthday to my extremely hard-working, always hilarious, sweet-hearted, thoughtful, G.I. Joe-loving better half!!! I hope you get everything you dream of this year and every year after. XOXOXO Love you tons! ~Sheri


January 8, 2011

farewell good friend ...

My buddy John is about to embark on a new journey in California. He has accepted a position with his employer and is heading out West tomorrow. We have always had our love for music in common. I cannot even count the number of times that we DJ'd the ipod 'til the wee hours of the morning, always including a scream singing session of Tenacious D. Those times will surely be missed. 

So, best of luck to you, Johnny boy ... we're all pullin' for ya! 

January 7, 2011

4 things to love ...

 The Sharpie Pen - a.k.a. my new best friend. I prefer fine point in black.

  Rachael Ray utensils. They are comically large but they are wonderful!

My owl pajamas. Wash 'em & wear 'em... over and over again.

A little Coraline doll. She is a little bit creepy but so adorable!

January 6, 2011

simply thanks...

I want to simply say thank you to all who read Sheribloggins. I noticed a few new followers and that truly makes me smile! Thank you for spending a little of your leisure time with me. I started this blog for my own enjoyment and now I promise to try to dedicate more time to making things interesting for yours.
xo sheri

and then there were two ...

Remember those beautiful "get well" roses from Gregg? Over the past week ten of them have gone to that beautiful garden in the sky after bowing their heads in sadness. I managed them every other day with fresh water and a fresh cut but life was undesirable for them. Here is the remaining pair of the baby pink beauties...

January 3, 2011


So, how is everyone doing out there on day three of resolution hell?? 

I stopped making resolutions many years ago. Each year always started off with the same grim desires - lose some weight and quit smoking. Well, I quit smoking like nine years ago or something crazy like that - but I didn't do it in January, I did it in July. And I am constantly ten pounds up or down and tend to be at my lowest weight during the summer and fall. My point is that I set and reach goals at different times during the year - and the date has nothing to do with it. It is willpower and desire. It is when that little wire inside me is finally wound so tight that it snaps under the pressure and demands immediate attention. Then and only then do I focus hard for months (or minutes, depending on the situation).

Turning the calendar page to a new year does stir something inside me though, a sort of need for newness and freshness. This is usually satisfied with some new accent pillows or a different color scheme in any given room. It truly doesn't take much to feed the beast. Buying a bunch of old matchbooks from a consignment shop for a buck a piece satisfied my soul for weeks. 

I do want to wish you all the best of luck on whatever your New Year's resolutions might be! May you find your willpower and harness that strength to achieve those goals! 

January 1, 2011

... old is new

Today we decided to make use of my grandmother's old kitchen table and chairs. We put our set in the basement for now. I like the switch ... I think it brings a certain sweetness to the room. A nice change for the new year. 

It's Brody's Birthday!!!

 Well, I don't actually know when his birthday is - I feel like I'm not alone on that one. When we rescued him from the shelter they told us he was about nine months. With that time table we then decided to celebrate his birthday on New Years Day. Fit the bill, easy to remember ... win win.  

He enjoyed this monstrous cookie - messily - on the rug for several minutes before embarking on a whining and crying mission at the back door until I gave in and let him outside. He then disappeared into the snowy landscape and that was the last time said monstrous cookie was seen. R.I.P., monstrous cookie, we hardly knew ya.