the sheri behind the bloggins

I can't think of a great way to start this "about me" off so let's just go with this: the water I am currently drinking tastes like soap.

There. Broke the ice. 

I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt and assuming it's nice to meet you, I'm Sheri. Born in 1977, married to my husband (clearly) and mama to miss Scarlett June and Daisy Marie. 

A few things you should know about me:
*I'm sorta neurotic about my home being clean and organized at all times. I have made it my life's work to find cute storage options to conceal every item that looks like "clutter". I even have a little wooden box that houses my chapstick and eyedrops. (Yes, I'm Paul Pfeiffer). My husband loves having to put his PS4 controllers in a wicker basket.(I love sarcasm).

*If my toilet paper holder (that holds three rolls) has less than three rolls in it at any given time I will flip a table over. In fact, I feel most comfortable when there are four rolls in it.

*I watch Roseanne reruns almost daily. I have seen them a hundred times over and will watch them until I am no longer on this planet. 

* My kitchen and dining room each have more than one light-switch - so one is always incorrect. I am adamant about which one that is. In the kitchen the "wrong" one has to be the one near the door and in the dining room it has to be the one near the deck slider. I can't handle it being any other way. My husband just loves that about me.

*I have an irrational fear of insects. I will have to put on a brave face for the girls but it's bound to send me to the hospital. 

*I never realized what an amazing outlet a personal blog could be. Someone a few years back urged me to start one and ever since I've just been so happy to have it. I may not have many readers/followers, I might not post on interesting topics and current events, I don't have the freedom or the inspiration to write daily - I just do it for myself when I feel like it - and I just hope that if people read it, they enjoy it. 

That all being said - you are welcome to peruse my blarchive (blog archive) and hopefully find something you like. Happy to have you here.

Cheers to your health!  

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