December 8, 2010

30 day photo challenge: Day 19

Someone I miss...

8 years gone and the most wonderful man you'd ever care to know.
My grandmother (the lovely woman on the left)'s companion for over 20 years, 
Paul was like a true grandfather to my brother and me. (My brother is the shaggy-
haired fellow on the right and I am the dot-mouthed baby girl in the red jumper).
This was taken on Christmas Day, 1979. Growing up, one of the best parts of our holidays were when, after dinner, Paul would take my brother and I to play tennis as long as it wasn't raining or snowing. We really looked forward to his visits and our Sunday dinners together. He was a great artist and always inspired me to continue drawing and writing. He said I had such talent and I shouldn't waste it. Paul owned a sign shop in Providence for many years. Robberies and fires did not stop him from doing the work that he loved. He took walks everyday no matter the weather and played tennis regularly, even into his seventies. He was a snappy dresser and he loved to watch hockey and classy entertainers. He was up on all current affairs and could spit the daily newspaper back to you. 
Sharp as a tack, devoted to his work, a loving family man and a wonderful part of our family - That's Paul. I miss him everyday but I keep his memory close.


  1. what a nice way to honor such a special person. clearly he loved you too!

  2. Thanks mama... he was the greatest

  3. He sounds amazing! I am inspired by what you wrote.


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