June 12, 2013

What do YOU think?

A few thoughts that have been rattling around in my head lately...

Allstate's slogan should be changed to, "Allstate. We are the absolute worst!"

For someone who claims to be obsessed with The Wizard of Oz, it's not like I read all the books or even saw the new movie. Maybe I should just start saying, Yeah, I like The Wizard of Oz. 

"Never turn your back on the ocean" is the equivalent of "Never turn your back on a toddler who's recently learned they can cram things up their nose."

I probably should've gone to school for Meteorology.

Dinner doesn't have to be fancy. It can consist of random pantry and freezer ingredients and although it may look unappealing it won't kill you. I'm pretty sure anyway.

I really and truly am just super horrible at growing something green. A Pot. Soil. Water. Sunlight. WHAT is the problem??? 

Why does that back corner in CVS always smell like shit?? I am officially unable to buy face wash or moisturizer there, I just can't hold my breath for that long.

At some point people become elderly and stop getting very much attention and probably very few compliments. And that breaks my heart.

Materialistic and braggy people are some of my least favorite. It matters less about your car and more about what comes out of your mouth.

I still think thunder is awesome... when it's not 2 am.

Does anyone besides my mother and myself still balance their checkbook? 

I hate balancing the checkbook.

I love when mornings feel like Fall in mid-June.

I wish Brody had the ability to recognize that the landscapers cutting the neighbor's lawn come every week and have done so for years and they aren't there to piss him off and he needn't alert me for twenty-five minutes every single time.

I also wish the world would stop making morons famous. 



  1. No one who loves the Wizard of Oz needs to see the new movie. Trust me. You are happier without it!

    1. haha I kinda figured that! I will eventually see it but it's just not the storyline and characters that I fell in love with as a child.


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