February 28, 2012

the "I jus-hafta"s

I have come to realize that as soon as we came home from the hospital my husband and I also gave birth to a whole new world of language. Here we were with this beautiful bundle of joy, brand new to the world, and while we should have been focused on bringing our smart cards to the table we were acting as though we just failed kindergarten.

Oohs too cuutes?? Youuus too cuuutes!! Oohs does pee?? Ooh dizz sweets!

Just a glimpse of the ridiculousness. Which is to be expected, I mean, I know there aren't many new parents who are reading their four day old baby The Wall Street Journal. I think allowing yourself to be silly is partly what makes a good parent a GREAT parent.

All goo-goo and raspberries aside - I did pick up on one pretty interesting oddity that occurred shortly after the baby was yanked from my uterus. I noticed that my husband and I began to quite frequently use the phrase, "I jus-hafta". The phrase is most often uttered to the spouse having "free-play" while the utterer is holding/watching the baby.

"I jus-hafta shave and brush my teeth"
"I jus-hafta go on the computer and check something real quick" {Sidenote: I LOVE "real quick" simply because it feels like you're inconveniencing the other person a bit LESS if they believe you will be SO FAST - a la Napoleon Dynamite: "Can I try really quick?" in the infamous bicycle scene}
"I jus-hafta finish doing these dishes and call my mom"
"I jus-hafta run downstairs and do my workout"
"I jus-hafta wash my face and file my nails"
"I jus-hafta take my vitamins and vacuum the living room"
"I jus-hafta finish burning the photos"

You get the idea. And yes, some are more elaborate than others - usually I am the dramatic one. I will sometimes add five things to the list. I didn't really notice Gregg doing this until recently but I always felt guilty as the words would leave my mouth. Seemed as though I was trying to get away with something when really I was just rushing off to a chore or task. It's not like either of us say "I jus-hafta go lay in bed and watch three hours of Boardwalk Empire while eating cotton candy." I should mention that neither of us feel as though playing with our daughter is something we'd like to be rescued from. I savor every second I have with her - BUT there are times when everybody needs a tag-in. Hence, the "I hafta"s.


February 23, 2012

The Scarlett Letters #1

I'm not usually so generic but I just thought about creating a series of posts about Scarlett. What better a name than The Scarlett Letters? Corny? Maybe, but adorable just the same. Deal with it.

These letters will be anything I want them to be at any given time. No restrictions, no rules. Maybe just a picture or a few lines about her day. Maybe a letter from me letting her know how much she has changed my life. Maybe a list of cutesy things that I found for her on the clearance rack. Ya never know, it's going to be a grab bag ... hope you enjoy them.

Here is the first ever Scarlett Letter:

Well, my big girl is growing SO FAST I can barely catch my breath. I just spent roughly two hours putting away most of her 3-6 month clothing. I have now organized everything into bins and I will admit I got teary while folding away the 0-3 month stuff. I held up the outfit we took her home in and I just couldn't wrap my head around it. She was THIS small?? Where did my baby go? I feel much better having everything packed up and labeled for a possible next baby girl or perhaps to give to a friend in need (if I can ever let these things go).

We were both under the weather last week so we've made up for lost time this week. I bought a bunch of new Dr. Seuss books at Target yesterday so Scarlett has been doing a lot of reading... 

We also had a theme day - the theme was hearts, mixed with Punky Brewster I suppose...

She had a little fleece vest spattered with colored hearts to complete the mismatched ensemble.

She's been playing with her feet a lot more these days. She seems to enjoy taking her socks off, thinks she's a big shot with her bare feet - haha - it's pretty cute...

 Scarlett is getting so good at staying on her belly and learning to play with her toys and move herself around. She gets frustrated and takes a time out to suck her thumb now and then but she gets right back at it...

(Sorry, some pictures are a little blurry due to movement, zoom 
and the fact that 99% of uploaded photos are taken with my phone)

And I'll close out my first letter with two last photos ...

^ Transitioning to a sippy cup

^ and I think she's done with the ol' bouncy chair

Hope you all enjoyed the very first Scarlett Letter. Please feel free to comment and let me know what your babies have been up to lately. What's making you proud? What's getting you teary? I'd love to hear it all!

spare time goal

Inspired by The Lightning and the Lightning Bug's prompt I have decided to let you in on a little secret. Well, it's not a true secret because I have told a few people. It's about what I am committed to these days. And no, it isn't my beautiful family - that's just a given. I will never be anything BUT committed to them. However, I have the determination bug again and this time it's a cute one.

I am working on a new children's book. For those of you that don't know, I have previously written a children's book that is yet to be published. (I am also committed to getting that published one of these days). The thought came to me while I was reading to Scarlett one afternoon. Ya know when something basically bludgeons you in the face with the force of a cast iron frying pan? That's how this idea made itself known. It was so simple and so obvious for me and I am one thousand percent committed to it. It does require a lot of effort, a lot of dedication and a lot of constant brainpower. I have all of those things available to me and I am forcing myself to use them beyond their limits. The first book I basically wrote in one afternoon. This one could take me a year. And that's fine; I am not giving myself a deadline. Deadlines seem to make everything feel like a rushed chore. This is my spare time goal, for fun and for a sense of accomplishment.

I am putting this out there because it helps me to focus. I have the drive and I have the creativity. I guess I could just use a little more free time. Even though I remain unemployed my free time is divided up between baby care, errands, showers, laundry, cleaning and meal prep. So how will I realize this dream? When Scarlett takes her 'used to be daily but is now more like once-a-week' marathon nap I race to the computer to tap out some progress. Otherwise I can write out a few quick blurbs while feeding her a bottle and watching Seinfeld reruns. I sneak a few lines on scrap paper as they come to me whether in my car or whilst writing out the grocery list. I keep a notebook close by at all times to record any lines that are not to be forgotten. And, as always, I pluck inspiration from everyday life.

I intend to report back to you in a few months with news of my major progress or by chance a celebration post upon completion of this project. Reading Dr. Seuss to my daughter is always going to take precedence over working on my book but I'll make it happen. Wish me luck! And I wish YOU luck in whatever you are working toward! 

February 18, 2012

Saturday Swagger...

I'm finally feeling a little better today AND I have my Saturday Swagger goin' on. 

I've made a playlist for you to enjoy, it is a few of the random songs that have helped shape my swagger today. Remember that it's here so you can come back to it if you ever need a pick me up!

Get a playlist! Standalone player Get Ringtones

... and here is one swagger item that I'm currently coveting:


This pair of Rock & Republic Platform Wedges (found at Kohl's)

February 17, 2012

the story of us - play along!

Happy Friday, all! I'm stuck at home trying to get rid of this vile sinus/upper respiratory infection that has been plaguing me since Sunday night. My mom has been wonderful- bringing over meds, kleenex, snacks and she took the baby to her house yesterday and today so I can just rest. It's been such a big help, although I do miss my girl when she's not here. I keep thinking I hear her crying. Aw. I still feel like a rusty, old bumper but instead of laying in bed I thought I'd write a fun post. 

This is The Story of Us. You know, how I met my husband and such. Yes, I have written a more detailed post but this is information out of the actual pages of our memory book with our honest answers from ten years ago. 

Feel free to copy and paste the questions into your own blog and post with your lovely answers! For those of you without blogs you can post a Facebook note or just do a mass-email. Be sure to include me so I can read your answers! 

The Story of Us...
We met on: in July of 2001
At: Harmon Homes magazine - our place of employment
What I looked for in a guy: someone who isn't conceited or too self-involved. Thoughtful, caring, family-oriented, smart, sweet and must have a sense of humor
What I first noticed about him: He was the very, very, very, very quiet boy at work
What he looked for in a girl: family-oriented, smart, very funny, down-to-earth, NOT high-maintenance, very sweet and a pretty smile
What he first noticed about me: pretty smile and adorable laugh

The Hookup
Who introduced us: we met at work
Was it love at first sight? no, but it was "like"
Who flirted more: I did
My first impression of him: quiet, hard-working, funny... but he had a girlfriend
His first impression of me: pretty smile, funny/sarcastic, happy and giggly
We knew it was magnetic attraction when: we started having lunch together everyday at work and talking on the phone and emailing every night. We found tons of coincidences and things we had in common

A Date with Destiny
Who asked whom? I asked him to hang out with me at my friend's apartment
Our first date was unlike any other because: he had a girlfriend haha! It wasn't REEEAALLY a "date" we were just testing us
Whose idea was it? mutual agreement
Where: my friend's old apartment
When: end of June 2002
What we did: listened to music, drew pictures, watched Crank Yankers (ha!), talked a lot and actually fell asleep!
Most memorable moment from our first date: lying on the bed together watching MTV and the song Somewhere Out There by Our Lady Peace was on. It eventually became our song as odd as that sounds haha

Our Favorites:
Favorite color: orange
Favorite food: chicken
Favorite drink: Powerade
Favorite restaurant: 99
Favorite fast food: Taco-Bell
Favorite kind of music: All kinds (minus Rap and Country)
Favorite band: 311
Favorite movie: Tombstone
Favorite actor: Kevin Spacey
Favorite actress: Charlize Theron
Favorite sport: Hockey
Favorite expression: DOH!
Favorite websites: Newgrounds
Favorite places to shop: Pac Sun
Other favorites: Cheez-its, football, PS2, Cleo (his husky) and carrots

Favorite color: baby blue
Favorite food: pasta
Favorite drink: grape kool-aid
Favorite restaurant: Olive Garden
Favorite fast food: Wendy's
Favorite kind of music: All kinds
Favorite band: Pearl Jam
Favorite movie: The Shining
Favorite actor: Jack Nicholson
Favorite actress: Drew Barrymore
Favorite sport: Volleyball (to play)
Favorite expression: Aww shit
Favorite websites: Newgrounds and Projo
Favorite places to shop: Borders & Kohl's
Other favorites: Writing, shopping, strawberry shortcake


Visions of the Future
My wishes for him: to find a really good job that he enjoys and to be happy forever
I hope that our future is: happy, healthy & prosperous and very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very long
His wishes for me: "to get everything she desires and to be completely happy with herself and everyone around her"
He hopes that our future is: happy and healthy and lasts forever
Dreams for our future: to live comfortably (not struggling to make ends meet) in a pretty house with pretty children :o) 

I really hope you guys will take the time to do this! 

It was fun to see all of our old answers. This brought me right back to the days when I first met Gregg. We had SO much fun. We lived simply and were just happy taking drives, listening to our favorite CDs, watching our favorite movies, ordering our favorite foods. It doesn't take a whole lot of effort when you're truly meant for someone. Sure, lots of my "favorites" have changed since then (color, drink, restaurant, fast food, websites namely). But one thing has not and will never change - my love for my sweetheart. He still has that great big smile that lured me in over ten years ago - only now it's a little harder to see under that well-manicured beard of his. (HEYO!) We may not have dream jobs (I don't have a job at all at the moment) but we do have a pretty house and a very pretty child ... we are well on our way to a lifetime of happiness. Love you, babe! 

xo sheri     

February 15, 2012

You don't want a photo of this ...

He walks into the kitchen and I'm standing over a boiling soup pot with the baby's blanket over my head.

That's how Gregg's morning started. Mine went something like this...

February 14, 2012

a heart in every room

It's Valentine's Day! What? You're not excited? Haha well neither am I. I have never really done anything special on V Day. It's not because my husband is a deadbeat. He's not, I assure you. But I guess I'm not really the 'gotta go eat some fancy meal in an expensively fancy restaurant in a fancy dress and get fancy chocolates in a fancy heart box with fancy roses tied with a big fancy ribbon' kinda gal. Sure, I buy some pink, white & red peanut m&ms because they look cute in a candy bowl. And I MIGHT buy a box of Russell Stover's every three years or so. But you'll more likely see me sitting in my recliner, clad in my favorite pjs, eating boneless buffalo wings and watching The Big Bang Theory than catch me in a fine dining establishment followed by a show. Not that there is anything wrong with the people that DO go out on the town to celebrate their love! To each his/her own! 

Anyhow, in honor of this heart-smothered holiday I thought I would make up a little game for myself. I LOVE hearts (always have) and decided I would challenge myself to find at least one heart in every room of the house. So here are just a few that I found... 

I cut this from a card years ago and has been on my refrigerator ever since. I like to think it's me & my husband... but I don't wear dresses and he doesn't have a rake on his head


February 8, 2012

watch what you say

"You are deaf, dumb and non-beautiful." These are the words spoken by my third grade teacher, Sister Lucien. Though they've stuck with me over the years they weren't exactly meant for me, they were said to one of my best friends, "K". 
Can you imagine telling an eight year old child these terrible things?? Never mind the fact that these unspeakable insults came straight from our Catholic school's trusted NUN teacher (that every kid was terrified of).

February 7, 2012

What's on your door??

During our walk today all I could think about was how so many people still had a Christmas wreath on their door. I don't always go the same route- last week I went in the opposite direction and counted eleven wreaths. The following day I counted two less - which was odd. Today, in the different hood, I didn't count but I can tell you it was more than five on just one street. Is that normal?? I can't imagine keeping one up much longer than New Year's Day to be honest, but that's just me. I have a very regimented albeit boring-ass front door routine and that is basically because I never think to look for any replacements while I'm in HomeGoods.

February 6, 2012

11 Things

I was tagged by lovely Lisa of The Splattered Apron
Let's see if I can handle this...


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2. You must post 11 random things about yourself
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11 Random Things About Me:

February 3, 2012

My uniform

My intentions are always good. I approach the closet with a hopeful albeit naive mindset. I'll find a cute outfit for tomorrow. I can wear those jeans with those brown boots and that striped shirt with the turquoise necklace and a single, silver, bangle bracelet with my gray bag. Simple task, right? Well, that idea is blasted away as quickly as it came to me. I do reach for these pieces, I do try them on together and (to the layperson) it DOES look okay. (So I'm told). But what the "layperson" sees and what I see are two very different images. For instance, my husband will say, "it looks fiiiiiiiine" or "YES! I like it - I already told you that!" ... but clearly he isn't looking in the right places. He simply sees a curvy, short girl in an outfit. IIIIIIIIIIIIIIII see so much more than that.

February 2, 2012

the perfect patient vs the doofus

Today was Scarlett's four month check-up and yes, the visit included SHOTS. Ugh, how I've dreaded it for the past two months. I kept looking into her sweet face as she smiled at me, so innocent, thinking you're going to hate me for this, kid. 
This morning our routine wasn't hindered a bit. Diaper changed, outfit chosen, bottle gulped, playtime ensued etc. As I got myself ready I kept thinking of the appointment. And soon enough we were there, in the room, playing with the weird India-inspired elephant mobile.