September 3, 2009

since you didn't ask ...

There has been an overwhelming demand, from not one single soul, asking the unpopular question, "How did you meet your husband?" Alright, already. I will fill you in on the lovely details. Just stop flooding my inbox please... sheesh.

 So there I was... 23 years old with a run-down car, crappy job waiting tables, bills piled up along with massive bottles of Captain Morgan, living with my parents - who has blasted past their wits end years earlier- and feeling like my feet were in concrete. I was stuck beyond belief. Sure, I had a great circle of friends who made my nights fantastic but that wasn't enough anymore. I needed a fresh start. I knew this path was surely the quickest route to a life filled with struggle, debt, illness and possibly a brief stint living in a car at the junkyard with a couple of missing teeth and filthy clothes. So, with that in mind, I booked my yearly trip to North Carolina to visit my Grandmother and my Aunt. I wanted to clear my head in one of the most relaxing places that I knew of.
I stayed for 10 days. 5 with my Aunt and 5 with my Grandmother. We visited for a while, watched movies, went out for lunches, did some shopping and made our annual trips to R.O.'s barbecue and Tony's Ice Cream. But one of my favorite parts of these trips were my quiet nights out on the back porch. Breathing in the "different" air and listening to the "different" sounds. Chain smoking my cigarettes, I would stare out at the shadowed trees and listen to the cicadas. This is where I had my moment of clarity, so to speak. It was as though the environment had given me a pep talk. I was ready to go back home and meet my challenges head-on.
The very next day after my arrival home I was on the phone with a potential new job. My friend Jen had told me about a position opening at the Publishing Company she worked for and I was all over it. The interview couldn't have been more casual. I knew that this was a great fit for me. I got the job with very little effort. Passed the drug test and gave my ONE week's notice at the restaurant that I had come to loathe. Within just 8 days of my touching down at the airport, I was beginning the best chapter of my life.

 I settled into the new job quickly and found myself in the company of a lot of good people. One of those good people - yep - you guessed it - good ol' Gregg. He sat quietly at his desk... blue hat, goatee, work boots. I noticed his work ethic probably before anything else. I loved that he could just come into work, do his job with no complaints and go home. There were a lot of "loose cannons" in this office, we had rough deadlines and long hours but Gregg was reliable and a great compliment to the team. We became friendly. He had a girlfriend at the time - a little, adorable, tan girlfriend. I had no intentions - I just enjoyed his company. We began having lunch together. Everyday. We exchanged emails and Screen-names and before long we were talking on the phone almost nightly. We spent HOURS on Instant Messenger doing what we did best - making each other laugh. He had the best sense of humor of anyone I had met. We got along so amazingly well. No effort needed. We were who we were - no alterations necessary. Our friendship lingered this way for several months and suddenly changed one night at a party for our boss.
The picture below is from that party...
 I showed up at the party with a few friends an hour or two before Gregg. My friends and I had numerous Lemon Drops and beers and just for the hell of it - some Xanax. I had actually never taken Xanax before but what's so bad about an anti-anxiety pill anyway?? The night went on ... we socialized ... mingling with different tables and groups of people... Gregg and I played some pool ... we took some pictures etc. At the end of the night I found myself sitting with my friends, my boss and Gregg. Gregg and I were involved in our own conversation and THIS was a pivotal point in our relationship. Apparently, Mr. Xanax had not only removed all of my worries and inhibitions but it had given me balls of steel as well. I was saying things that I would have normally kept to myself, buried, forever. The most important of these things? "You KNOW that if you didn't have a girlfriend right now, we would be together!" Yep. I said it. For anyone reading this that KNOWS ME ... you KNOW I would have never had the guts to say this to anyone that I had a "crush" on. Ever. Well, it was well received. Gregg was smiling - we finished talking and the night ended. My phone rang about an hour after we left the party and it was my friend Jeremy, who had been given a ride home by Gregg. "You made someone VERY happy tonight" he said. Gregg talked about it with him on the ride home and was really happy that I told him. Jeremy said he did not stop smiling.
Our relationship remained the same at work - undercover. In fact nobody knew that we even talked outside of work. We still had our lunches and our phone conversations, however, within a week or two of that party, Gregg ditched the girlfriend.

I spent many of my nights at my friend Cassie's apartment, with a few of our friends, drinking beers and playing cards. Everyone, including Cassie's brother, Nick, was up-to-speed on the "Gregg-saga" as we discussed it frequently. I was even bold enough to tell Nick that "if Gregg and I ever got together, we would get married." Later that week I invited Gregg to Cassie's apartment, she was going to be away for the night and I figured we could spend some time on our own. We hung out, listened to CDs, watched some TV, drew some pictures (silly stuff) and had our first real night alone. Sure, I drank a bunch of beers and we fell asleep watching MTV (I snored) ... it was all very Cinderella. But we loved it. And we hung out again a few days later.... and a few days after that ... and after that ... and before you know it - I was meeting his family.

Our office ended up relocating to Virginia and we went our separate ways, job-wise. We totally missed seeing each other daily and having our lunches together. I stayed with the company and worked for a different magazine in another Composing site and Gregg took his part-time job to full-time as a Cook and Kitchen Manager. Every Saturday, before leaving for work, I would pack a bag for my weekend stay at Gregg's parents' house. I stayed Saturday night through Tuesday. We had so much fun that year. Just watching movies, ordering take-out or cooking-in, taking long drives. As simple as those things sound - they couldn't have been more perfect.

In October of 2003 Gregg proposed. He carved 5 pumpkins to read "Sheri will you marry me?" It was all set up in his parents' backyard when I pulled into the driveway on a typical Saturday night. There were candles lit, a little Autumn scene set up and roses and champagne inside. Left me a bit speechless. We set the date for December 4, 2004 and this year will be our 5th Anniversary.

And that, my friends, is the story of 'how we came to be' ... hope you enjoyed  ...


  1. Bloggins, you are too adorable. I love the photos throughout your story!

    You KNOW that if you didn't have a husband right now, we would be together...oops, OMG, I never would've had the nerve to say that if I hadn't just downed that Diet Dr. Pepper.

  2. I have tears right now... tears... that was the sweetest story ever... I'm so happy for you girl!!

  3. wow....I kinda came across as a douche in the first half. "ditched the girlfriend". sheesh, tough crowd.

  4. Ah the old restaurant... How I have erased those many years from my memory! Love your story, especially the xanax. I can't quite picture you "left a bit speechless" however, that is amazing :P

  5. hahaha Craff - you're such a rebel! Diet Dr Pepp? Don't you have KIDS to tend to???

    :) Thank you, Kristen ... I didn't intend to jerk any tears! Just a sweet little story...

    and JoJo, I still can't erase those memories. I need "eternal sunshine" for that period. Still have nightmares. Unreal!

  6. Sheri,..awwww...too cute the two of you are. I just dont understand how you could loathe that restaurant.I mean polishing the brass,those super duper uniforms and monday night specials..what more could a job possibly offer.The best part is like you said the nightmares that still haunt us even though its been years since we left. Cant believe it will be 5 years!! adorable story..thanks for sharing it!!

  7. That was very sweet! I remember you guys laughing like crazy during those lunches. Just a joyful sound. For the record, the entire office thought you guys were an item, even then. May you have a lifetime of laughs and love together.

  8. so thats it huh?!!!!!!! it is pretty fairy taleish! better than my marriage/hookup story.
    but in any case the efforless connection was a sure sign... love u guys!!! xoxo!!! not gonna lie shed a tear...and the pumpkins oh man hes GOOD!

  9. You guys are so sweet, thank you! ... This is fun because i don't know who the Anonymous people are. I feel like I am on a game show! Hahahha

  10. lindsey wolstenholmeDecember 4, 2011 at 11:21 AM

    OMG Too cute.... & Jodie is right we did all have our thoughts on if you guys were dating, you would sit in that nasty little lunch room, and we could hear your laugh the whole time (espeically after you guys moved your cubes next to each other) awwwww :) i rememeber when i found out outside smoking a cigarette with you and jen ( i was like the last to officaly know) but i have to know was I one of the 'loose canyons' becuase in my defence I was on ALOT of drugs at that time. LOL!

  11. HA! Lindsey, I would classify you as more of an emotional wreck at that time... you did a whole lot of crying and I was not equipped to handle cryers. hahaha I had zero compassion at that time in my life, so I apologize if I was a rotten bitch! haha


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