January 12, 2011

the sheri shop ??

Brrrrrr. By this time every night the cold just creeps into every room of the house. I make a habit of turning the heat down around 8 pm because we love a chilly sleeping temp! My computer is located on the second floor in our den and it gets a little icy up here sometimes. I am usually prepared with finger-less gloves but what I really need is a nose warmer and my Uggs.  (Note to self: bring Uggs upstairs and grab a scarf to tie around my face).

So maybe you have noticed some little doodles and illustrations I have been posting and adding to my blog over the past few weeks... and well, maybe you haven't. Haha. I am slowly incorporating my passion for art/graphic design into Sheribloggins. I always hoped this blog would evolve somehow but never really knew in which way. To be honest I thought I would have deleted it long ago, but the truth is that it has become a very big part of my life. A positive part. An enjoyable part. I look forward to writing and posting and get frustrated when the ideas aren't flowing. A lot of times when I have "writer's block" I look to graphic design to get that creative energy out. 2010 helped me to create quite the portfolio since I was unemployed for most of it. Hey, everything happens for a reason, right?

I have always been told that people enjoy my drawings. Whether they are  made for something special or scratched out on a napkin - friends and family seem to like them. Being somewhat drained in the self-confidence department I had always seen my talent as average... mediocre, nothing special. I just wanted so badly to DO something with my art because I loved creating it so much. I remember going to bed one night last Fall and saying to myself (or anyone listening to my thoughts), please let me wake up knowing what I should be doing. And just like that, it happened. I dreamed of Paul. In this dream I was showing him all of my new artwork. I was SO excited to teach him about digital art since he had never seen it before. He told me how wonderful everything was and how talented I am and that I shouldn't waste it, I should get out there and do something with it. When I woke up from that dream I was sad that I never did get to show him the magic of computer graphics in his lifetime but thrilled that I had gotten my validation.
I decided in September that I would take my chances and open an Etsy shop after the holidays. My shop would offer digital prints, some that I created long ago and lots that were yet to be designed. I worked daily on a variety of illustrations and ideas all with quite a drive. I finally felt like I was on the right track and doing just what I should be (and I felt like I had a special someone in my corner). I am still creating weekly - as many as possible - as quickly as they come to me. I am pretty excited to soon be adding my listings. My shop is in the works, it takes a decent amount of time to get everything in order - it really is a lot of work! I spend hours each day researching, shopping for supplies, writing policies, resizing images etc. I hope it will be worth the effort but no matter what happens I will have such a sense of accomplishment. I already feel a sort of pride for just keeping my focus on this ... a lot of times I get hyped up about something and the drive fades quickly. This time, my eyes haven't left the prize. 

I will keep you guys posted as things progress. Wish me luck!
p.s. my fingers and nose are solid ice.


  1. First of all, I have noticed all of your additons to the blog and I wondered if they were your creation. Second, I am in love with your new profile picture.
    My feelings toward my art/talent/lack there of are very similar. I honestly just don't know how I could ever earn a living with it, although I am sure that if I could figure it out, I would be insanely happy. I too, established an ESTY shop, but it lasted a hot minute and I'm lucky if I even remeber how to log into it. I wanted to sell cute little yardsale/estate sale finds. I think I went so far as to gather a box of all things I would sell and it's still in the basement, doing zero. I think that it's great that you have the drive to keep going and I am pretty confident that you'll make it work. I am excited to see it up and running!

  2. Thanks Jess! I have seen some of your artwork (from your blog of course) and I think you have a very great talent. It's hard to be your own biggest fan, but someone recently told me - "if you don't think you are fantastic, why would anyone else??" I hope your creative purpose clicks for you soon - I enjoy your blog posts and would love to see your shop up and running someday! Keep the faith, youngblood!

  3. i most definitely think this is the right thing for you. and who knows, maybe those greeting cards will sneak in there too (i'm a greeting card pusher)...just cause you are so hilarious and witty...your drawings are so unique yet very you. which means you are unique too!! i'm glad you have found a path...love u.

  4. Well thank you, sober mama! I will try to incorporate cards at some point, I would LOVE to do them! Thanks for your support! :o)


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