January 3, 2011


So, how is everyone doing out there on day three of resolution hell?? 

I stopped making resolutions many years ago. Each year always started off with the same grim desires - lose some weight and quit smoking. Well, I quit smoking like nine years ago or something crazy like that - but I didn't do it in January, I did it in July. And I am constantly ten pounds up or down and tend to be at my lowest weight during the summer and fall. My point is that I set and reach goals at different times during the year - and the date has nothing to do with it. It is willpower and desire. It is when that little wire inside me is finally wound so tight that it snaps under the pressure and demands immediate attention. Then and only then do I focus hard for months (or minutes, depending on the situation).

Turning the calendar page to a new year does stir something inside me though, a sort of need for newness and freshness. This is usually satisfied with some new accent pillows or a different color scheme in any given room. It truly doesn't take much to feed the beast. Buying a bunch of old matchbooks from a consignment shop for a buck a piece satisfied my soul for weeks. 

I do want to wish you all the best of luck on whatever your New Year's resolutions might be! May you find your willpower and harness that strength to achieve those goals! 

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