June 20, 2013

The Scarlett Letters #15: A letter to Scarlett

Hi Lollipop,

Here's a bit of what's been going on lately, just to get you up to speed...

Sometimes we stay inside all day when it's perfectly nice weather. We play in different rooms with the same toys. We watch Blue's Clues and Super Why and eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

Sometimes I let you bounce around on the couch too rambunctiously despite my impending heart-attack - just because you love it.

Same goes for taking on the slide head first. You're a roughneck for certain.

I occasionally put you in outfits that are unsuitable for playgrounds because you just look so stinking cute in them.

I decided to put your crib-soother away last night before bedtime because I am convinced that it wakes you up every night when it shuts off. You have used it since you were around four months old and you loved it so much. It kinda broke my heart to see your face when you realized it was missing. That was one of my first lessons in Sometimes you gotta do what's right for your child even if it makes them sad. You got over it within three minutes and slept like a champ.

I love that you love the beach. We were taking a ride this morning and you were chanting, "beach, beach, beach, beach" from the backseat. So we went to the beach even though I wasn't dressed for it. You love to play in the sand and pick up shells and rocks. You also love throwing sand at me and running off toward the water forcing me to sprint from my sheet. Thanks for always keeping me on my toes.

Dinner time has been quite a challenge lately but I've learned that I'm okay with you just having a handful of peas or a piece of wheat bread if it teaches you that you get what I give you and not what you demand.

You love to gulp a ton of milk and make yourself burp. I love to hear you say Excuuuu Meeees. 

I love how you giggle when you find the little mouse on each page of Goodnight Moon.

Sometimes you yell at Brody to MOVE! which teaches me an instant lesson.

You are very fond of stop signs these days, pointing them out wherever we go.

You can recognize every letter of the alphabet. You were hung up on J and G for a bit but you've got 'em down now. Your pronunciation is coming along too, God bless that sweet brain.

As far as counting goes sometimes you rattle off 1 to 10 but usually it's 1,2,3,6,7,8,9.

Sometimes I just watch you play with your little figures. You put them in their car and say that they are going to "Gee-Gee's house" and it makes me so excited for the days of dollhouses and pretend play.

Your nap is normally forty five minutes to an hour each afternoon. If you want to sleep a little longer than that every now and then I would be just fine with it.

You love the part in Coraline where the 'other Father' plays the piano and sings a little song. I love the way you say Coraline.

When we take your pigtails out you look hysterical. Daddy calls you Frank Barone and I say you look like Gary Busey. Regardless, it makes for a good time.


Blankie and Bunnie
Baby Pluto figure
Keys - we made you your own special set that you promptly lost in the car and I spent fifteen minutes searching for only to find them jammed under the cushion lining of the car seat. They are no longer "traveling keys"
ABC puzzle
Bubbles - you really just want us to get the bubbles open so you can repeat, "ho it, ho it, ho it" (hold it) until we give you the wand and you stick your finger through the opening


Frozen grapes
Cereal with bananas

Your personality is really starting to blossom these days. You are funny, silly, smart, a little impatient, and mostly happy. You throw a little tantrum now and then but we just walk away and you realize how foolish it seems to be laying on the floor crying and you get up and get over it. You are showing signs of empathy and you are good about sharing so far. I love you to pieces even in those moments where you are testing the hell out of me. I like a good challenge - I'm gonna keep you around for as long as I'm allowed. XO Mama

(21 months)




  1. its so cool that you have these letters for her to see someday. i love the pictures that go along with the blogs..her chanting for the beach is great!

    1. Haha yeah my heart melted when I learned that she loved the beach! (Until the following trip which was our last for a while ;) )
      I know I would LOVE to have letters like this to read now that I'm older and hopefully she'll enjoy them someday too. <3


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