January 11, 2011

the mob goes wild wild wild...

Hmm is it going to snow or something? 

Let's just say that New Englanders definitely fit the stereotype when it comes to preparing for a snow day. I just made a quick trip to Dave's Marketplace to pick up a requested cake for the Gregger and DAMN was I greeted with a mob. When I pulled into the lot I instantly remembered that we are getting snow tomorrow. Although, the forecasted snow could fall anytime during the next four days and crowds would still flock. Talk about people panicking. I don't understand it, honestly. I mean, are ALL of these shoppers out of food? Do they consume an entire carriage's worth of food each day? Will that man eat all eleven packages of Perdue chicken thighs tomorrow? Man alive.

I was blown away when I found a fantastic parking space. It took me less than thirty seconds to find the necessary cake and I headed to the check-out lines. I don't shop around for a decent line, I get in one and wait there. Simple. My best guess would be that there were six to eight people in each line and all registers were open, which I've never seen before. I had a chatterbox in front of me but she was very nice, lives in Tiverton and her husband is on a grilled cheese kick. He has been adding tomato so I let her know that spinach is my favorite grilled cheese accessory. She replied that bacon is hers. All in all my experience was good, I didn't have to throw down. I may have angered a few cart-pushers while I weaved in and out of traffic with ease - no cart to slow me down. Even the cashier was friendly and wished me a happy snow day. 

My advice to anyone in the Northeast Region today - have patience in the stores, go only if you NEED something and maybe wear sneakers and bring some Powerade. 

Happy SNOWFALL !! Be safe!  

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