January 25, 2011

beyond... and back

This will surely be one odd post ... but interesting.

I have been a fan of the series I Survived for quite some time now. It is three stories per episode telling victim's accounts of terrifying situations that they endured. While it gives me nightmares and forces me to dream up scary scenarios where my life is jeopardized I still very much enjoy it. Gregg makes fun of me because I am a worrier already and definitely don't need to further worry about things like masked robbers, murderous hitchhikers,  overnight fires and hostage situations, but still, I watch.

Recently I found that there is a new series called I Survived, Beyond and Back... and I am now obsessed with it. This is yet another storytelling series about horrifying situations but in this case the victim actually dies ... and comes back to tell about it. I know. I KNOW!! You think I am a nutbag. It's alright, so do I. BUT I dare you to watch a few episodes or even just ONE and not feel better about things. 

It is captivating. The victims will have died due to anything from a heart-attack to a gang shooting yet their after-death experiences all tell a very similar story. There is a light, different colors sometimes, there is a warmth that encompasses them, sometimes very serene and gentle voices guiding them and always a floating feeling along with complete peace. Most have told of being able to see their body lying wherever they died. They float above it and are able to describe everything they see and hear. One had died in a parking lot and was able to recall a conversation that took place by his family members who were inside the building at the time. Some have had "life reviews" where they are asked questions like, "what did you do for your fellow mankind when you were twelve years old?" Some visited familiar and happy homes from their childhood where their family and friends were waiting for them. Most heard voices saying that it was not their time just yet and they would be going back ... and a small percentage were given a choice to stay or go. 

I think it is very comforting to hear these stories. I find that this show puts me at ease. It is wonderful to think that it is very possible that we will reunite with our deceased loved ones, that we will have this calming and worry-free atmosphere to exist in, that we go on to live a different life after this one on earth. None of us can actually speak intelligently of what happens when we pass on. It is a great big guessing game - and a scary one to a lot of people. But I truly feel comforted after watching this show and hearing so many similar experiences - I urge you to watch just one episode and I hope that you feel the way I do in the end.    


  1. this just made me fee a little bit better. thanks.

  2. Jess, I am thinking of you and I just feel so badly ... hope you are able to take some comfort out of this.

    It really is lovely to know that our loved ones are HAPPIER than they have ever been - xo - wishing you peace, she'll be waiting for you :)


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