January 30, 2011

Aw mannnnnnn

So I decided while staying true to my "trying to eat more vegetables/fruit" campaign that I would make some broccoli soup today. I saw this recipe in a random magazine and cut it out - basically pretending that I would make it some day. Well, it's some day.  Let's give it a whirl. 

Now, I have always loved raw broccoli - I just normally eat a little tree at a time. I have never actually chopped it up into pieces before. That was fun. Little rolling green balls all over my counter/sink/floor - you name it. When the mess was cleaned up I brought that sucker to a boil. So far so good. Until, while sitting in my recliner watching Sex & the City, the air filled with that all too familiar scent. It is currently wafting through my home like a raging inferno. I have a Christmas Cookie candle lit - NOT helping. Now I'm nauseous from the combo. My husband just came home and almost passed out at the door. 

Whoops. Note to self - don't do this ever again. 

AND THIS is yet another reason why popcorn and peanut m&ms make a better snack than vegetables.

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  1. too funny...we roast a lot of broccoli and man oh man...the distinct odor while it breaks down during cooking is enough to make me think my husband had an extra large milkshake...as he is lactose intolerant. but i still eat it up cause broccoli is one of my fav veggies...just not raw!


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