July 3, 2013

twenty-five sheri facts you thought you could live without knowing ...

1. My preferred method of yogurt stirring is by butter knife.

2. The first time I was pulled over by police I got out of the car - shit almost got REAL.

3. I refer to Pete Rose a LOT when making fun of random hairstyles.

4. Reading Rainbow is a beloved favorite of mine. Anyone remember the "Miss Nelson is Back" episode? Come on!! That was GOLD.

5. I once lost my mother's original wedding band while on a sailboat. I blame the slip-off on the tanning oil and yes, I've felt guilty ever since. (I'm never letting Scarlett anywhere near my wedding rings).

6. I don't feel comfortable in my own backyard - I always feel like the neighbors are going to peek out and point and laugh at me. And I don't know why I care if they do.

7. I've always had a sort of fascination for the morbid. Growing up I had a lot of horror movies and books about serial killers - along with my stuffed animals of course.

8. As a reformed smoker (11 years!) I really can't bring myself to even buy a pack of cigarettes for someone - and god forbid I inhale second-hand smoke...

9. I would love to work in a library.

10. One of my favorite snacks is nutella slathered on golden oat Bel Vita biscuits.

11. It takes me a reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally long time to let things go - especially situations in which I've been treated unfairly.

12. If I could eat one meal for the rest of my life it would be eggplant parmesan with pasta and a delicious salad, italian bread, glasses of red wine and water followed by ice cream.

13. Analog clocks can still trip me up from time to time. I've always been a words girl - I just hate numbers.

14. Once while hiking my friends and I were nearly ten miles lost in 90+ degree weather with our only water supply from streams we came across. We ended up having to hitchhike back to our car.

15. I am not a fan of the circus. Not a fan of clowns, not a fan of chained animals, not a fan of loud noises or bright flashes.

16. I don't really eat red meat... or much pork. I'm more of a poultry kinda girl.

17. I hardly ever answer my home phone or my front door. Peddle your goods elsewhere, gang.

18. I had always wanted and recently got my first iPhone. I'd take my Windows phone back in a heartbeat.

19. I had two imaginary friends when I was very young and they went by the names of Noonie and Bernantha. I haven't yet ruled out writing a children's book about them.

20. I have written several children's books but can't seem to get them published. They reserve those slots for people like Katie Couric and Leann Rimes these days.

21. I have an engraved bracelet that reads, Scarlett June, you're my moon and I won't leave the house without it on my right wrist.

22. My teeth are cavity free.

23. My favorite cocktail is a Grey Goose and tonic with lemon.

24. I really hate: the terms chick flicks and girls night out, the phrase You Go Girl and most bachelorette parties. I'm not your normal gal.

25. I'd love to start a business with my creative friends --- who's putting up the dough??

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