April 12, 2012

the refund purchase

Here's something you didn't know about me - I'm not a "laptop person". In fact, I never thought I'd own a laptop. Ever. I never could picture myself at Starbucks with that classic venti latte in one hand, my smartphone in the other and my neat computer staring at me with seemingly unimportant things to read or write on the screen. I'd never be the one lugging my wireless notebook all around town in some fancy bag only to plop down in a spot that evokes inspiration so I could spit out a quick blog that I'm pretty sure nobody reads anyhow. I would certainly never book a trip so I could carry my laptop on an airplane while worry floods my mind, When do I have to shut this thing off and will I hear them tell me with my ipod blaring?? Nope. Not me. I'm the gal who spends 78% of her time utilizing her smartphone and the other ... ah shit, I suck at math ... 22% on my clunky, chunky desktop PC on the second floor of my home. The desktop computer is rarely available however due to my daughter's crib being two rooms away and me being a very loud and annoying typist.

That's why the laptop idea started to bounce around in my shrinking brain.

I had also started a writing project in February that I had hoped to work on for an hour a day, most days. Well, due to my Clydesdale-fingers, my baby girl wasn't getting a good nap in during the afternoon anymore. My blog posts were becoming fewer and fewer and I wasn't able to read as many as I normally would either. I wanted to simply maintain Sheribloggins, work on my project and keep up with my favorite bloggers' latest posts. Not too much to ask. But was it enough to make me purchase a laptop???

When my husband and I heard of our tax refund we decided to not pay bills with it this year. We were each going to get something that we really wanted that was out of our normal price range. Something that we would get a lot of use out of, something beneficial. He knew right away what he wanted, some new weights and a power tower. I, being the ever-over-analyzing jerk that I am, went back and forth for over a month on the laptop idea. Do I REALLY NEEED IT?? Am I going to commit to this writing project? Am I sure that I can't just use my desktop at some point each day? Who even reads my blog anyway?? Why do I need to maintain daily posts?? Is there something else that I have been wanting that I could use the money for?? I tortured myself with these stupid questions until two days ago when I finally gave in and just bought the damned thing. I got a Dell Inspiron based on what I wanted and what the sales person suggested. He was fantastically helpful and didn't try to up-sell or get me into something that I clearly didn't need. And I'm happy with it so far.

One of my biggest fears was that I'd become too obsessed with having this portable wonderland. I didn't want to have it take over my nights once the baby was set in her crib. So far I have found a good balance. In the morning, after I get my chores out of the way and make the coffee, I check email and maybe read a blog post or two. Throughout the day I may pop on for a half hour or so and if there's a hockey game on at night I'll spend those hours on here while Gregg watches the Flyers. I don't want to drift too far from my husband as our free time together has become sparse as it is. I do admit, it has been nice to squeeze in more writing. And I have found some new blogs this week that I am enjoying. This is the newest - Sometimes Sweet. Check it out and come back and read my blog too... after all I DID buy this laptop essentially for YOU!

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