October 30, 2009

it'$ okay...

So how come every time things take a turn for the worse, financially, I convince myself to buy scratch tickets?? Does this seem highly irrational to anyone else? I assume it is my panic defense mechanism. Well sure we don't have enough money to buy Christmas gifts for 20 people, cross Brody's vet visit off the list or fix the furnace BUT maybe this twenty bucks could win us millions instead of buying us more turkey sandwiches... Apparently this is my thought process.

Over and over again I find myself sitting at the dining room table with a pen, calculator, notepad, stack of bills and bottle of red wine just trying to make sense of my life. Okay, so I don't always use a calculator. Kidding, I take care of my finances without the use of alcohol, thank you. I prepare a new budget several times a year (when the scary occasion calls for it). I know how much money is coming in and the amount designated to every conceivable genre of expense yet SOMEHOW I manage to blow past that boundary time and time again. I read all of the silly articles about 'the best way to manage your money' - which, by the way, all contradict each other. I constantly try new systems and stay on top of our accounts daily but, again, Faily McBrokepants.

I have come to realize that MOST of the living world (and some of the dead) have debt. I have also come to realize that this is a constant in life and beating myself up over it will do no good.  I learned that: pretty much everyone in my life lives paycheck to paycheck, going to a movie and out to dinner is becoming a thing of the past, we are lucky as hell to have two paid off cars that are in great condition and that it could ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS be so much worse.

So for anyone who is stressing over car repairs and rent and mortgages and groceries and clothing and the holidays - know that you are in GREAT company. The world suffers with you. Reality is not Hollywood. Maybe if they stopped making all of these ridiculous reality TV shows, we could get back to feeling comfortable about our own lives and stop giving a shit about theirs.


  1. Oh how I feel your pain Sheri... our life is pretty simple being military... and I have not worked since Sept. 2003. When we moved away from family. And then my hubby was kicked off submarines due to medical reasons (which were MISDIAGNOSED) and we hit rock bottom shortly after because it was a HUGE chunk of a paycheck gone. My hubby has served this country for 15+ years and I GET WIC... I GET FREE SNOWBOOTS.... I GET REDUCED/FREE Lunch for the kidlets... I GET FREE HOLIDAY MEALS... I GET CHRISTMAS GIFTS FOR THE KIDS from social services.... Scary isnt it??? The paychecks cant come soon enough, only to blow out the window the next minute. Hang in there!!! You have a wonderful husband and wonderful friends... which is so much more than other people have... although at times retail therapy could do a person good! GOOD POST! I often try to "compare" us to other people around us... military also... who seem to have an endless pit of money... but there are various reasons as to why they have so much money to blow..... which makes me SUPER thankful for what I do have.... even at our worst penny pinching, redeeming tin can days... I paid for a taco bell splurge for me and hubby last night.. with change...

  2. Wow, Erin, thank you for your comment. Sounds like things haven't been very easy for you. You are due for some good karma :) you guys definitely deserve it.

    We have everything we need and thensome. I am very thankful for our marriage and our home, Gregg's job and our family and friends. We could have it So much worse. Times are tough and things are TIGHT but we'll always make it. :)

  3. You and Gregg have got each other, you've got a warm and cozy home, and you've got great friends who "get" you and know how to have fun on the cheap. Girl, you rich! (And stop buying those damn scratch tickets. Really. Stop it.)

  4. hahaha thanks craffingham... i don't buy them often, i promise. just every few months :)

  5. Sheri,
    I know how you feel. We are down to one car now...money is always tight. I think this is what the middle class is turning into...BROKE AS A JOKE! By the way, I know someone who always seemed to have designer clothes, nails/hair done, new cars etc...She is a sad person and now is losing her house because of her overzellous spending. A shopping spree at Macy's only feels good till your in the parkinglot! We will make it through this!

  6. MIDDLE CLASS there is no more middle class. It's the rich and the poor. Middle class is a thing of the past. And unfortunately I am not rich...

  7. well put, jenn - not that i ever want to see anyone struggling but this is NOT the time for frivolous spending. those days are long gone. i keep the faith - not to sound corny. i call RI Housing often to see if there is any help for my mortgage ... i constantly re-work the numbers to see where i can save. it will all be okay. just gotta keep fighting. :)


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