July 27, 2013


Obviously I'm going to say my health and my family and friends first because otherwise I'm a big, dumb liar - also even though this list is in random order I'd look like a jackass putting a K-cup above my own child.

The refillable K-cup. It's just ingenious in a really obvious way. I want to invent something ingenious in an obvious way. Damnit.

Counter space. I am blessed with lots of kitchen counter space. I'm always listening to people complain that they have none and I just nod with a half smirk/half womp-womp lip.

Music. I really don't think I've ever spent a single day in the last ten years not listening to music by choice. My playlist is a reflection of my mood - unless I'm listening to Ice-T because I am quite certain I'll never feel that dope.

Central Air. I am that person who hates the heat. I love the beach but otherwise I'll kick a summer right between the eyes. I hate sweating for no reason. I hate keeping Scarlett inside on really hot days because I just can't stand to be at the boiling playground or in our full-sun backyard. I lovvvve having central air. It is well worth the $9K we spent three years ago to replace our old-ass unit and duct work. I'd go without cable, frozen yogurt and even good shampoo if I could always bask in the c/a. Bees knees times eleven.

Flip flops. Sound ridiculous but they are just the most versatile footwear! I know Stacy and Clinton would not approve as they've stated a million times that they were made for the pool or the beach. True. But I think they were also made for: walking around the house, the playground, the grocery store, my mom's house, the park, window shopping, actual shopping, the salon, doctor's appointments, taking a pet to the vet and even library trips - if you don't flip too loudly. When you can't find the right shoe to wear a flip-flop almost always comes to the rescue. Aside from highlighting my tree-stumpedness, they're super. 

Efficiency. I love when I can call a company and just get my issue rectified without any hassle. It's very rare but it does happen occasionally and it's worth mentioning here. 

Make-up. This became overly apparent as I jokingly took 'before and after' pictures today that were frightening enough to stop a bird mid-soar. (I'll admit that I made the before picture look extremely heinous just for the over-the-top 'after reveal'). Honestly though, who doesn't love the option of being perked up a notch when you are looking (or feeling) a little haggard? 

People that say 'God Bless Her' for my daughter. Growing up, many family/extended family members would offer this little prayer and I always felt special when they'd say it for me. As these beloved people passed away I noticed the blessing went with them and the newer generations didn't carry the torch. There are still a handful of friends and family that say it and I pay attention, love and appreciate that.

Creativity. I am at my absolute best when I am able to be creative. When I have free time (and I'm not cooking or cleaning) I love doing something that requires imagination - graphic design, blogging, making crafts or games for Scarlett, painting, renovating, organizing, etc. It keeps me very happy.


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