July 12, 2013

I'd like ...

...to see a sunset in the mid-west. Ya know, like that scene from What's Eating Gilbert Grape where Johnny Depp and Juliette Lewis sit in a field of hay watching the sun go down. Yeah, like that.

...to get up in the morning and put on the clothes that I feel like wearing without finding reasons to toss them aside out of frustration.

...to have a personal chef to prepare a variety of meals for the family - we tend to eat a lot of the same things over and over. Hey, different choices can be expensive.

...to paint my kitchen cabinets white. I just don't feel like doing all the sanding and junk.

...to buy Rogaine for my eyebrows. How come the strays that you constantly pluck keep coming back time and time again yet those super important hairs decided to quit ten years ago?

...to have Jennifer Aniston's hair and body... and wardrobe.

...to visit Colorado - but I fear I'd never want to come back to RI.

...to publish the children's books that I've written.

...to find a way to get my car to make "that noise" when I bring it to the mechanic.

...to have a giant art studio with tons of natural light - one that overlooks the ocean... or a lake. I'd have a whiteboard wall, a chalkboard wall, easels for painting and a Mac for graphic design. And maybe my laptop for blogging. And possibly a station for crafts.

...to have a lovely singing voice.

...to learn to sew. I want to make my own pillows and hem clothing and make weird little dolls.

...to do something special each weekend. Something I can write about on a piece of paper and slip into my "awesome memories of 2013 jar". (No, seriously, I have a jar).

...to stop getting shitty letters in the twelve games of Words With Friends I am currently playing.

...to blog about more interesting things - kinda. (not really).

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