February 25, 2013

So charming ...

Today I wore one of my mother's charm bracelets that she'd passed along to me many moons ago. I've always loved this one best for several reasons:

1. The charms are adorable. I am slightly obsessed with miniature items so I especially love little, shiny charms.

2. Each charm signifies a trip that my mother had taken with her girlfriends before she met my father. I love to think of my mother as that carefree young woman traveling to these amazing places with a few best friends, running around foreign towns, sightseeing, shopping and just having the time of her life with her future unknown.

3. The charms are from the late sixties and are in great condition.

4. You certainly can't buy it at Target.

This bracelet is a precious family keepsake that will hopefully be passed along to Scarlett one day, if she knows what's good for her. Wink wink.

February 22, 2013

you may or may not know...

I am really enjoying deck of cards workouts these days. I like to create new ones all the time to keep things interesting and depending on how much time I have. They may sound like the lazy man's workout because they are relatively short but they kick my ass every time!

I shuffle playlists on my iPod for every at-home meal with Scarlett. She definitely has her favorites: Float On by Modest Mouse, Fortunate Son by Creedence Clearwater Revival, Rihanna's Where Have You Been, Ho Hey by The Lumineers and Locked Out Of Heaven by Bruno Mars are probably her top five.

I can talk myself out of anything. Like when I realllllly want an afternoon cup of coffee I first have to lecture myself on the importance of drinking enough water each day. I almost always refill my water bottle. I'm a pain in my own ass.

I can't hear the song American Woman by The Guess Who and NOT think of Kevin Spacey in American Beauty. Can anyone?

I am a huge fan of Rachel Zoe and The Rachel Zoe Project, though you'd never know it judging by my own style. Sidenote: Gregg loathes him some RZ.

I'd much rather shovel snow for two hours than rake leaves for one.

I am a big fan of Autumn and Winter. Spring and Summer - while picknicky and beachy - are filled with bugs and sweat. I'll take a pumpkin patch, a chilly backyard fire and a snowman allllllll day.

My mother has gotten me addicted to roasted red pepper sandwiches for lunch. I like to toast them with basil, parsley and cheese. Best Lunch Evahhhh.

My favorite word is apothecary.

I'm pretty confident that I could write a screenplay based on some of my dreams.

I suck at growing plants.

I know way too many movies word for word.

One of my favorite scents is fresh cut grass.

One of my least favorite scents is Brody. His feet smell like Fritos and his breath like a rat carcass - which is probably because he has always just eaten some form of yard rodent.

I like to watch The Biggest Loser with Gregg while eating snacks.

I now feel self conscious when out in public wearing a hoodie thanks to all those episodes of What Not To Wear. What was once a staple in my wardrobe is now only worn on occasion to my mother's house or the grocery store. I just know there's secret footage being collected.

I make no apologies for enjoying television. Lord knows we pay enough for it.

{I just filled my water bottle rather than making coffee}

I call my mailman Wiggy McDuck ... behind his back of course. But it's okay because he seems like a lazy jerk. Sidenote: Gregg came up with Wiggy due to his unruly, fluffy mane and I added McDuck because of his stupid lippy mouth.

I recently asked a police officer for help with Scarlett's car seat. He had no idea how to fix it and wasn't the slightest bit concerned about her safety. That pissed me off.

In my ongoing quest to save money I keep buttonhooking myself. For instance- switching insurance companies last year has actually cost us more money than we've saved. (Please note: Allstate sucks for homeowners). I should also stop making allowances for giant playhouses for Scarlett and $17 shampoo for myself. HEY! I buy it when it's on sale and I have Extra Bucks! Get off my back.

I made the switch from Bare Minerals to BB Cream in December and there is no going back. Stuff is GOLD.

I'm wicked particular about bananas. They could be perfectly ripe inside but if that skin has a certain amount of brown spots on it - I ain't eatin' it.

I love jeggings. THAT'S RIGHT! JEGGINGS! A friend of mine told me of their value last year and I was super hesitant but tried them last Fall - they are fantastic! Nobody can tell they aren't jeans - they feel and look like jeans, they have pockets like jeans - it's my little secret! Well, not anymore of course. You need to try them - you'll never fit into your boots neater or more comfortably! I recently got my friend to try them and - while she is mortified at the thought of them - she LOVES THEM. Take THAT, sloppy, wrinkly, puckery jean overage!

Sometimes I feel like writing blog posts but have nothing to discuss so I just babble on about myself in some sort of evil trance of vanity and narcissism. It's kinda my thing.

February 16, 2013

The Scarlett Letters #13: 50 first words...

Miss Scarlett, I've decided to honor you with some simple typography today. Your vocabulary is expanding every second it seems so I started to keep track of new words as they crop up. You hit the fifty mark last month (at sixteen months) and are now into the sixties although I'm positive I've left out a few. I'm calling this post "50 first words" but I didn't actually count how many I listed. Oh! And you've recently started putting two words together like, "Hi Mama!" It's quite remarkable to watch you absorbing your surroundings. May your wonderful brain be blessed forever.

Hope you enjoy it, I love you.