May 24, 2012

8 months and an elephant

Yep. Scarlett is officially eight months old today! Can you believe it? I know I can't. Truly. She's doing great, she's such a happy girl. I love spending every second I can with her... she's just amazing.

May 17, 2012

two faded shirts ...

A few weeks ago Gregg and I purged our closets of their excess articles of clothing. You know, the pants we forgot about - with good reason, the skirts that I can't believe I ever bought in the first place, the pajamas that were always too tight or too big... those articles. We do this clean sweep two or three times each year but it is amazing  how many bags we fill for donation every single time. Where does this stuff come from???  I certainly don't buy ten garbage bags full of clothing every four months. Apparently each time we just dig a little deeper and let go a little easier. It feels great to donate so many items that will finally get to see the outside of a closet-- regardless of which decade they were purchased in.

May 8, 2012

"You're obviously in the wrong place, PLEASE LEAVE"

Forgive me, I thought I was in the Warwick  Mall Macy's; I didn't realize there was a dress code.

There I was, casually browsing around the shoe and bag department in the newly remodeled, gleaming white, shiny store. I was looking to splurge on some new sandals and a bag with my birthday money when I noticed something almost immediately. Apparently, along with the facelift of the structure they also lifted all the noses of their employees. I could feel  their eyes on me, judging me, looking me up and down as if I had just taken "5" from my part-time job as the greasy Sizzler operator with the traveling carnival.

May 5, 2012

RIP Adam Yauch

{photo source}

By now, I'm sure you've heard of the untimely passing of the Beastie Boys' Adam "MCA" Yauch. Gone at 47 years old, yet another victim of cancer.

I just wanted to write a quick post expressing my love for the Beasties.

May 3, 2012

remember our treasures

"We move from terror and loss to unexpected good fortune, and out of darkness hope is born."

I heard this quote when I was in high school on an episode of My So-Called Life. Angela Chase read it from a book about Tarot I'm quite certain. Nevertheless the quote has remained with me all these years. I just love its truth.

I recently read of the passing of two beautiful baby girls. Baby Zoe had a malignant Rhabdoid Tumor and Baby Avery had Spinal Muscular Atrophy. Each also had their own loving parents, family and friends. Each taken away from the world before ever getting a chance to really see its beauty.

May 2, 2012

I don't wanna be a kernel!!!

Well, the rumors (that you heard from me) are all true, I have deactivated my Twitter account... again. I know, it's a shame... @sherib0bbins no longer exists. What will the world DO?? How will my former Twitter followers go on with their lives without knowing what songs I played for Scarlett during her breakfast?? It's a tragedy, really.

Twitter seemed like a good idea about two years ago when I started my Etsy shop (which also no longer exists). I joined and networked and plugged and played the game. But I never fully got into it. I didn't want to spend my time trying to get followers and I didn't enjoy it. It wasn't long before I ducked out. I had no reservations about it and didn't miss it one bit.

This time was different. I re-joined Twitter in January for different reasons. I wanted to find like-minded bloggers and new moms. Within days I had found plenty of both. I was engaging in lots of conversations and accumulating followers quickly. With a bunch of new blogs to read and answers to my baby food or teething questions I was quite satisfied.

Things took a turn after a couple of months however. I started to notice the incessant plugging of blog posts. Friends were tweeting links to their new post several times daily and sometimes three or four times within an HOUR. I'm not saying there is anything wrong with doing that, I just wasn't aware that people did. Then I saw people voting for blog posts and learned there were blog awards. Bloggers were entering endless contests and asking for votes. I started coming across tweets with tips on how to "grow your blog" or things like, "10 biggest blog mistakes." I wasn't in on any of this! Sure, I would tweet a link to my post every now and then but not ten times a day. I didn't join any contests. I had no idea about blogging awards. And I didn't realize the time-consuming science behind creating a super-duper read-worthy blog. Hmmph. It got me thinking... I'm clearly not doing enough and I don't measure up.

But I quickly realized... I'm not trying to compete.

I never started my blog with the thought that it would become this big, successful site that people would love to visit daily. I didn't work to try to get people to follow it. Sure, I add links to most of my posts on Facebook, and the reason behind that is simple: I would like  for people to read it. But I can't base my life on how many page views I get (or don't get) daily. It's too stressful! It's not going to break my heart if you don't enjoy reading The Scarlett Letters. I fully understand. Do you realize how many blogs are out in the universe that I wouldn't give a second glance? I suspect that mine is one of them to many, many, MANY people. I offer very little - no tips or tricks, no daily recipe, no fashion or fitness advice, no remarks about the Bachelorette or RHOBH. What I do offer is a glimpse into my life. A peek at some of my thoughts. Updates on my little sweetie-pants. Occasional rants. Many ramblings. And countless mundane facts and observations.

I left Twitter mostly because I felt like a kernel of corn amongst many, many cobs. I don't like that feeling. At its core, Sheribloggins is for me. My blog is basically an extension and evolution of my former journals. I write because I feel like I'll boil over if I don't get rid of my racing thoughts. It's like my fingers are antsy. Blogging is my way of releasing built up sentences that can become like a wordy traffic jam in my head. Compare it to a very angry or scorned soul that uses the gym to blow off steam. I also blog because we grow so much in our years and seldom realize how far we've come. My archives help to remind me. And I like the thought of leaving a little something behind for my daughter ... and maybe her children. Maybe not quite as interesting and entertaining as The Hunger Games or the Twilight saga but it's what I've got to offer. I don't have many followers, I don't even know who subscribes or who faithfully reads every post. What I do know is that I'm much obliged if you read it, happy if you enjoy it and always appreciative when you let me know about it. At the same time, I don't blame you if you hide  me from your Facebook news feed.

I will miss some of my Twitter friends. Luckily the majority of them were bloggers as well as new moms so I can catch the baby updates on their posts. Social media can be so overwhelming. I've learned I can control it and keep it right at the level that works for me. I don't have to succumb to the pressures of the overly-connected networking world. After all, life is only as busy as WE  allow it to be, right? (Stay tuned for a future retraction of the latter statement)

May 1, 2012

triggering memories ...

A perfectly rainy day and a great playlist. These are the two things that have prompted the writing of this post.

I love waking up to a cloudy sky and street puddles gaining weight. As much as I loathe our well-distressed deck and its buckling, splintered planks, I enjoy being able to see the raindrops joining puddles that shouldn't be there. Savoring a second cup of coffee while I gaze out the deck slider, the trees and grass becoming more vibrantly green with every sip. The dampness and overcast sky bring along with them a feeling of laziness. A desire to be comfortable. It is during these lapses of lethargy that I reminisce of simpler times. I carefully choose a playlist that will showcase the feel of this enjoyable day.

I've always loved music. My mother taught me the chorus of many a classic Barry Manilow, Donna Summer and Air Supply hit when I was just a baby. Even the Nights are Better is one that is engraved in my memory forever. I'm sure I sang my own mixed up version but I didn't know any better nor did I care. My father contributed to my love of Motown and oddly, drug-induced tunes. A very young girl, I began making room in my heart for Smoky Robinson, The Commodores, The Four Tops, Crosby, Stills & Nash, Neil Young, Fleetwood Mac and countless others. A music bug from day one you could say.

Mazzy Star has always been one of my favorites. While in high school I gave So Tonight That I Might See quite a wearing. I still have the CD though it's long since been transferred to my iPod. I listen to frequently. It transports me to my old teenage bedroom... accessorized in blue, candles lit, cigarette burning (yuck), and pen in hand -- painting my journal with my every thought. When I read those journals now it's as though a stranger wrote them... though at the same time I remember being that stranger.

I remember learning to drive in my father's Grand Prix during my Creedence Clearwater Revival phase. To this day I can't hear Have You Ever Seen the Rain without picturing me blowing through a stop sign or taking a right-turn far too quickly.

Harry Connick Jr. brings me back to Saturday mornings spent cleaning the living room with my mom. I had the pleasure of dusting while putting on an obnoxious show for my family. Lounge-singing my way from table to table. The duster, my microphone. My mother, in stitches.

Music is like a gateway, isn't it? Such a strong connection to the old days. Even the theme song from The Golden Girls is a trigger. Memories of lazy, Saturday nights when my mom and I would be in our pajamas after a night of "calooping." We frequented Paperama -- where I would usually be gifted a new journal or stationery -- Lechemere, Apex and various other stores that no longer exist. {The Saturday night line-up at the time was 227, Amen, The Golden Girls & Empty Nest. Remember that?}

I just love looking back. In contrast, I look forward to the songs of today someday sparking the wonderful memories I'm currently making with my daughter and husband. Remember friends, each day is a memory in progress. Make sure you're making the best of them.

What songs trigger strong memories for you?