March 14, 2012

The Scarlett Letters: #4

I hear you.

You've woken up from your forty minute nap and you are making the sweetest sounds my ears have ever heard. Are you talking to yourself? Or maybe your little dolly? I hear smacking noises. You're most likely sucking your thumb or your entire hand. Fumbling sounds come next. I envision a limb or two sticking out of the crib railings. You just love to do that.

I almost can't wait to come and pick you up. Your sweet smile is something I will never grow tired of.

I love to hold you so, so tight... and whisper your name to feel your cheeks puff up as you grin. I'll open the shades and the sunlight will pour in making your blue eyes even brighter. You are absolutely beautiful. My beautiful girl.

You are growing so fast. Each day more active, more alert. Soon you will be crawling. Investigating everything around you. Be patient as I cautiously protect you and smother you with I love you's and kisses.  I'll do it as long as you let me.

I can't describe how much I love you. It's much brighter than the sunshine, more awesome than the moon, much larger than the universe.

I may need a second heart to carry all of my love for you.


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