March 8, 2012

The Scarlett Letters #3

all prettied up in pink & gray

bunny feet!!

 LOVES this "handy" teether hehe

 dressed for Spring in honor of this 64 degree day!!

 loves to stick her feet through the crib railing

 all smiles for mama

had to put the pack 'n' play in the living room today because...

Well, I have made one of the most popular "new mom" mistakes - I left Miss Scarlett unattended for a few minutes. She was laying on a big blanket in the floor with her toys all around her. She always rolls onto her stomach and plays but THIS time she decided to roll clear across the room. When I walked in she was over near the front door where we keep her toy box (a.k.a. storage ottoman). I was absolutely shocked that she could have gotten that far in the amount of time that I was gone! What a little scamp!! I used two blankets this morning and watched her rolling all around. It's actually hilarious. But I realized that if I need to leave the room I need to have a safe place to stash her - hence the lovely pack 'n' play. This all is happening too suddenly! I need her to move at a country pace - not a Manhattan pace. (Must invent a time-pausing device).


  1. And so it goes from now on! Just when you get one stage all figured out they learn something new and more bold! It is amazing, isn't it?!

    1. it is so true! and you're right, it's completely amazing. I love everything about motherhood :) (so far)

      thanks for reading, May!


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