March 26, 2012

Monday minute by minute

Wow, is it Monday already? Lucky for you - you get to read about my super duper, hair-raising, crazy exciting Monday! (Hope you all felt the sarcasm dripping from that last sentence).

Let's get started, shall we?

Today started off like any other day; I got out of bed. After boring morning chores and a shower I decided to make what has thankfully become a monthly (instead of bi-weekly) trip to Walmart. I called my mom to see if she'd like to watch the pea while I took a trek. She delightfully accepted and, in fact, baby-napped my girl - whisking her away to Grammie-land.

I got myself ready in "old Sheri" fashion. Meaning I chose clothes that maybe aren't What Not To Wear approved but they make me feel like me, and I love that. Lately, I've been knocking around in dark-washed jeans hemmed to perfection for a flat shoe with a neat-looking shirt and age-appropriate jacket. Truth is, I hate jackets, I hate hemmed jeans and I hate flats. Who am I trying to impress? And why am I looking so mom-ish? I like a loose shirt with a cute hoodie. And I like my old pre-pregnancy jeans that have a teeny bit of that gasp-inducing 'fading down the front of the leg' look and are way too long for flats because I LOVE HEELS. I'm short! I like jeans that hit the ground and show just a little of my shoes or boots a la Jessica Simpson. So here's what 5'1" old Sheri wore today:'s really not SO bad, Stacy & Clinton.

My trip to Walmart was almost a complete success! Pros: I didn't have to knock someone out in the parking lot, they had a generous supply of sanitizing wipes for the skeevy carriage, I found a few cute, cheap things to put into Scarlett's Easter basket, I had zero encounters with aisle-blockers. Cons: My carriage, albeit clean-handled, was a three-wheeler that allowed for resistance training while shopping, they were out of my humidifier filters, the unattractive smell of Subway sandwiches almost made me vomit upon entering the store. Cashier issue: She kept asking me "Are these tampons?" "Are THESE tampons?" confused by two different sized boxes. Just read the coupon, lady, will you? Man alive. I was waiting for her to hold up my Advil asking "Are THEEEEESE tampons?"

Little brightly-colored finds for Scarlett:

After setting up my new car air freshener (let's see whatchu got for me, Airwick) I headed home to put away my loot. Baby-free, I decided to watch a DVR'd episode of My So-Called Life. Don't you dare make fun of me, that show was GOLD when I was in high school and I enjoy it just as much now. Although now I kinda relate more to the parents which makes me a little sad and pissed off. Lounging in my recliner I noticed that there had been an accident while I was out and I quickly rectified the situation...

... I'm guessing airplane vibrations knocked miss Coraline down a peg. Or a book.

Lunch consisted of the other half of yesterday's deliciousssssssss eggplant focaccia w/fresh mozzarella, roasted red peppers, spinach leaves and of course eggplant, ding dong.

I'm about to wrap up my nephews birthday gift and then head over to my mom's to pick up my little darlin'.
That's Monday thus far!

Hope you are having a great one and hope you enjoyed today's post.

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