March 12, 2012

Monday: minute by minute

I knew today was going to be great when I heard the weather forecast yesterday. Sunny and 66! That's my favorite kind of day. I love that little chill and the liberty to wear almost anything at all and be comfortable. I immediately scheduled my walk with Pea, planning to go during her morning nap time.

I woke up at the normal time, opened the curtains, fed the dog, emptied the dishwasher, prepped Scarlett's breakfast - you know, the daily glamorous chores. Made my coffee and went up to get Pea for her breakfast of oatmeal and apples followed by her bottle. She was happy as a clam and played with her fruit teething ring and her little, crinkly giraffe as I cleaned up the breakfast dishes and had myself a bowl of Quaker Oatmeal Squares. (I've been switching it up lately from my years of having the same egg-whites and wheat toast every stinkin' day). (I also rekindled my love for Cracklin' Oat Bran). I then set up a little photo-shoot for my mother-in-law's birthday today. After about fourteen pictures we got the perfect one...

 I die that it looks like she is pointing to the sign.... Sigh. She melts my heart. 

My mom stopped by to drop off a newspaper, new children's book and a couple of sleepers that she bought for Scarlett. She played with her while I got dressed for our walk. Not much needed today - just some comfy yoga pants, a short-sleeved t-shirt and sneaks. Easy. I dragged the giant stroller outside and suited up Pea. She wore a pink cable-knit hat, a fleece sleeper and a pink blankie. I grabbed my sunglasses, keys, Chapstick, Kleenex, a burp cloth and my phone... and we hit the trail. I was super psyched about a new app that my husband found that would track my walk/calories burned etc. Yet, stupid me, I ruined the whole thing by stopping to take THIS picture...

Yeah. Not only is it of crappy quality - it's cut way further off than I thought - since the sun was reflecting off of my screen and I couldn't see a damned thing. Oh well. I know that we walked for 35 minutes and I was truckin' because I wanted to see the results. Next time, no mediocre photography. Score one for Mother Nature, luring me in with her blue-skied trickery.

Pea took a short nap on the walk and decided it was playtime again once we got home. I imagine that Brody barking in our faces as we entered the house had something to do with her alertness. I boiled up another twelve eggs (we make 24 each week) and I ate two for my snack/lunch. Scarlett had her bottle and then we continued playing, rotating her various options ie: Bouncy chair, pack 'n' play, doorway jumper, Baby Einstein exersaucer and of course rolling around in the floor. She LOVES to roll over and over and over - and I love to watch her do so.

That was our Monday minute by minute ... up until 1pm anyway. Hope you all have been enjoying your day as well!  


  1. Holy moly, was it gorgeous. I went for a walk on the Boston Common at lunch, and walking back to the office was maybe the hardest thing I have ever done.

    1. oohh I bet! it reminded me of those school days when you couldn't wait for the bell to ring and just longed for summer vacation!

      thanks for reading :)

  2. Nothing wrong with that kind of Monday! I love this time of the year when you can shed the winter coat and feel the crisp, fresh air. Hope the rest of your day will be just as great!

    1. It's been a great day so far! I agree, being able to enjoy the fresh air is one of the greatest simple pleasures in life. I am so grateful for having these days with my baby girl to enjoy.

      Thanks for reading, Kerstin!

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