January 24, 2012

the itsy shitsy spider...

"My index finger stopped smelling like Desitin just in time to start smelling like Orajel"

Baby talk...

We've hit a bit of a rough patch over the past couple of weeks. First, miss Scarlett was hit with a stomach bug. Poor thing just did NOT feel good, you could see it in her beautiful eyes. For eight solid days she was leaking through all of her outfits. I did her laundry at least once each day for a week. It was so bad that I would RUN to pick her up from a seated/reclined/laying position when I could see her making "the face". My poor baby woke up in a puddle of horror every morning - and ohhhhhh the smell ... I shouldn't try to describe it, you may vomit. Well, screw it, I will say that it had a pungent, rotten popcorn aroma to it ... it was unacceptable.
I changed her bedding daily... and her changing pad cover... and pretty much all of her blankets... and even the little bouncy seat pad. My itsy shitsy spider had such a bad diaper rash from the 20 changes a day. She finalllllly started mixin' it up with some clean diapers and we were so relieved! I have to admit my nervousness for a few days there. Even though I had spoken to several nurses and my pediatrician - I wasn't always confident that Scarlett would be "just fine". This episode did shove her into the rice cereal milestone however. Dr.'s recommendation. She took it in the bottle for a few days and was spoon fed as of Saturday. She is eating like a pro, I'm so happy! She is four months old TODAY. My little moon. God bless her.

Sadly, just as her belly bug hit the trail she was thrust right into teething heinousness. Poor little pea. She's been teething for a few weeks now but it wasn't so bad (for ME anyway). She was showing the classic signs: the drooling, bubbles, gnawing on her hands and anything else she could find, pulling on her ears etc. But now entered the cranky moods, bottle refusal and sleepless nights. I was up until 5 am with her one night because she simply couldn't stay asleep for longer than 15 minutes. I've resorted to infant pain reliever the past couple of nights because I hate to see her hurting and she needs her sleep. For other relief she seems to love sucking on finger dipped in ice water, cold/wet washcloth, cold teething rings of various size and shape and I've given Orajel a shot. It doesn't seem to make a lick of difference. Maybe she's just not receptive to it, who knows. Either way, I really hope she cuts the teeth soon (looks like it could be three but I'm a rookie so probably not). I hate to tell her but she has to get her second round of shots next week too. Man, it's the hat trick! I could actually use a few cocktails just thinking about it all. 

Alright, sorry for the generic baby ramblings but some people are awaiting the updates ;o) 

Unrelated note - please tell me you watch "Up All Night" with Christina Applegate, Will Arnett and Maya Rudolph. If you haven't seen it just please please please catch ONE episode - if you're not hooked immediately - I apologize and please stop reading my blog. (Kidding) But it is hilarioussssssss!! Best cast - great writing - my husband and I laugh out loud during every episode. And we're a tough crowd. CHECK IT!!! 

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