December 21, 2011

Just a December morning ...

Hustle and bustle ay? Yep. Things have been a little hectic. But we're almost through the year! 2011 is heading out already! Man alive. Time sure flies when you're living doesn't it? 

This morning I headed out on some errands with my little lemon pie. I overestimated the chill factor once again and draped her in fleece. Poor kid. She's always sweatin' when we get home. But she stayed silent as I hit the ATM - they changed it around again! I'm shoving deposit slips and envelopes in that slot that is now made solely for checks. Friggin A. I have to come off looking like a moron somehow. After managing to not break the delicate machine we took a quick trip to CVS. I am in there every damned week. I fumbled around for a bit with that weird, tiny drug store shopping cart, trying to attach Scarlett's carrier as safely as possible. (To all you holier than thou mamas, please hold your comments about how we should never place a baby in there and we should always use a stroller made specifically for our car seat carrier or wear our baby for the best bonding experience at all times. I read the same literature. I'm just a rebel I guess... and apparently not as good a mother as you). We managed to get it just right and went on our way, navigating the same aisles over and over. I smiled as passing women gave sweet looks to my baby girl. Some asked her name or how old she is ... some commented on how her eyes were wide open. All seemed to really enjoy her presence. I felt proud to be pushing her... my own child that is bringing joy and smiles to complete strangers. Normally, I am the one sneaking peeks into the passing strollers. I still don't get those few mothers who give snide looks as I smile at their babies. Perhaps if I was wearing a John Wayne Gacy costume I'd understand a bit better. Anyhow, we made it through the shopping trip without a tear. Just a fuss-spell at the counter while the clerk tried to figure out my out-of-the-ordinary coupon. (Of course). After packing up the car we started on our way home, dodging the raindrops. I began my routine of getting the baby in the house first, throwing a cookie outside to my barking dog, unpacking the car, locking everything up, unlatching my child and making her comfortable, putting my goods away and writing up my receipts. After a few phone calls, the baby's bottle and her nap and a load of laundry - here I am... with my cold turkey-loaf sandwich (on Sicilian bread with mustard - what? gross). Do I continue with my week-long cleaning spree? Do I begin baking those Betty Crocker easy-as-hell cookie mixes?? Tell ya what I'd like to do... I'd like to make myself some candy-cane cocoa and watch my DVR'd Christmas specials until miss moon wakes up. Ya know what? I just might.  

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