December 17, 2010

Second Annual Christmas Eve poem...

Please feel free to sing this to the tune of "Jolly Old Saint Nicholas" - which is exactly how it popped into my head... Enjoy ... 
It's that time of year again
and we're hosting Christmas Eve
Now to plan the menu of snacks
that our guests will receive
We don't do fancy dinners
'cause we only have four plates
So have some cheese and crackers
or a handful of effing dates
Don't worry, there'll be alcohol
White Russians and Rum & Coke
The vodka put us over budget
so enjoy 'cause now we're broke
The decor is pretty high calibur
Paper dishes and plastic spoons
and I ate the bag of coconut
hence the lack of macaroons
I apologize for Brody
Chasing the kids and stealing food
His harness and muzzle are no match
for his super festive mood
Please take home some cookies
or a baggie of stale chips
Otherwise you'll see them next week
added to my hips
Thank you all for coming
for food and laughs and fun
Now go home and wait for Santa Claus
and "God Bless Us, Everyone".

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