December 19, 2013

annual Christmas poem - 2013

It's again that time of year 
that I thoroughly adore 
though there's traffic on every street
and lines in every store

I love the cold, crisp air
the abundance of green and red
scents of peppermint and pine
sparkly gold and silver thread

Our lighted tree is a beauty
though a calamity to my surprise
step anywhere near it
and watch the needles drop like flies

I'm not thrilled about it
sweeping and watering twice a day
this lemon better last til Christmas
or there'll be hell to pay

I love receiving Christmas cards
and have them hanging on my door
the pictures of all the children
increase my spirit all the more

I'm slightly disappointed
that Scarlett turns up her nose
at a most beloved tradition...
watching all the Christmas shows

She won't sit still for Rudolph
she's sick of Charlie Brown and his tree
she'll glance at Frosty for a second
but the sight of Whoville makes her flee

We're obsessed with Christmas music
I love almost every song
Scarlett also has her favorites
and likes to sing along

I burn scented tarts like a lunatic
from Yankee Candle every year
I buy thirty at every dollar sale
it's like the frigging North Pole in here

I'm looking forward to the holiday
and Santa's visit most of all 
I can't wait to see Scarlett's little face
at the first sight of her haul 

We'll enjoy our time with family
as we are lucky to do each year
Wishing you all a Merry Christmas
and holiday season filled with cheer!

With love,

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