November 29, 2013


... And there it goes. Another Thanksgiving under our belts, hope you all had a wonderful day!

Our holiday was a bit strange as usual - we are always trying to come up with the best way to split time between families. It's really never easy to do. This year we did something different.

My goal is to someday be able to cook holiday dinners in my home. It's not going to happen anytime soon. It's complicated. My father is unable to visit - he's confined to a wheelchair and needs special transportation (not to mention a ramp which we don't have). We would never leave him home alone on the holiday. My husband's family goes to his sister's house. Her husband cooks an enormous meal and hosts his family and friends along with Gregg's parents and grandfather. They wouldn't be able to come to our house for the holiday because they always host. My mother gets stuck doing all of the cooking and preparations for my family every year for every holiday - along with the help of my soon-to-be 92 year old grandmother. Since I can't do all of the cooking for her I want to help her as much as possible. She has her hands full everyday as it is. She's tired. She shouldn't have to work so hard on a day that is supposed to be enjoyed by all.

On Wednesday I took a couple of  'jobs' from my mom and handled them at home. I realized it was such a tiny portion of the work ahead of her so Gregg and I decided to change our plans. I normally bring Scarlett to Gregg's sister's house around noon and leave at two-thirty to go to my mom's. We eat dinner at three - the work is all done when I get there. His sister had dinner at four o'clock this year because she had to work during the day. So Gregg brought Scarlett to visit her uncle and Grandparents while I went to help my mom. At three he shuttled her to my mother's house for dinner. We saw each other long enough to snap this picture of the three of us.

He carved the turkey (because my father is unable to) and headed back to have dinner with his family. A bit unconventional, yes. We were both able to spend time with our families although not with each other. Still, we had it much better than so many people who simply cannot be with their loved ones on the holiday. My mother very much appreciated the help and my grandmother appreciated being able to rest.

Until I can take over and spend the holidays in my own home I am going to continue to try to lessen the burden on my mom. I think after forty years she deserves the break.

I hope you all had a lovely time with your family and friends. There is so much to be thankful for - and one of those things is the side of pumpkin chocolate-chip cake I'm about to have with my coffee. Cheers! 

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