August 13, 2013

what to do with all that loot...

Alright so, last week we all held our breath as we checked our Powerball tickets - and then the majority of us likely sighed, frowned, growled and possibly kicked a trash can. The best part of that day was the millisecond before we read those numbers. But the night before was fun wasn't it? Dreaming of all that loot - the possibilities...


To help me cope with my loss I created a list of ways I would like to spend that ridiculously obscene amount of money, in random order of course. Enjoy ... 

I want a white and chrome SUV. I'm not all that particular about it - Mercedes, Acura, Lexus, Cadillac, Lincoln, Range Rover - what have you. White and chrome, brand spankin new, warranties out the ass... 

I'd like a seaside home. A big, beautiful home decorated to perfection. Endless hallways. Balconies everywhere. Sheer curtains. (Okay a landscaper, chef and housekeeper too, why not?)

I want to give my mom an island getaway/retreat kinda place. My mom needs to be able to take a break from her life. She takes care of my father - who has MS and can no longer walk or even stand - and the past couple of years have been rough. My mother can barely leave the house anymore and hardly has any time for herself. Along with this wish comes the wish for twenty-four hour care for my father in his home rather than a nursing facility. He's only sixty-three, I'd hate to see him in a place like that already. 

I want to help my friends. My friends are just like most of us - they have debt, they have mortgages, they have jobs that barely pay the bills - they are always behind or just caught up but never ahead. I have friends who are in desperate need of money to help with medical bills and fundraisers for their ailing family. I would help as many friends as possible. Wouldn't that be a great feeling?? 

I would go out to eat all the damn time. Sounds like I should be able to do this anytime, right? Nah. It's something I don't like to splurge on. I love this quote from an episode of Roseanne, "Food is supposed to keep you alive - it ain't supposed to provide entertainment value."  That being said, Gregg and I love to spend an afternoon having a couple of drinks and some calamari. We just make it a "treat."

I would buy the most awesome new Mac and all the latest versions of design programs. In my free time I love to blog but I also love graphic design. I am not a brilliant artist by any means but I do love to create -daily, if possible. And I know only what I've learned (or taught myself) thus far so I'd like to take classes to nail it all down and be a pro. Maybe I would also start a design and printing company. You know, cutesy invitations and cards, banners and signs and stuff. This way I could print whatever I want whenever I want - high quality - ya know without the card stock getting stuck in my cheap ass printer.

I'd love vacation homeS. Yes, plural. One in New Hampshire, Vermont, South Carolina, Oregon, Colorado, California, Fiji, Hawaii etc. Just kidding, kind of. I would like to spend a few weeks here or there whenever convenient - which would really be anytime as I would be living a life of carefree happiness.

I want tailor made clothing for all seasons. I would love to have a wardrobe that makes me feel GOOD and fits like a glove. A well-fitting glove, that is. I know I have some gloves that are just too big in the fingers because I have stubby hands - but anyway I digress. I'd love to be able to throw open the french doors to my gigantic, naturally-lit closet and just marvel at the choices. Rather than opening my uncool-retro mirrored closet door and growling about whether to wear the gray shirt or the turquoise one. Both of which are ill-fitting.

It's funny because I really couldn't think of too many things to put on this list. Sure, I could look around and point out frivolous upgrades in every room but all in all I'm very happy with what I have. I could use a new car and would love to renovate our home but other than that - I'm satisfied. Funny how money really only matters to those who don't have any to spare. Root of all evil, source of most stress... blah blah blah.
It's nice to dream about being filthy rich though, isn't it?

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