July 6, 2013

unhappy for two more years...

Well, this morning was certainly an ice cream cone in the dirt. Gregg and I headed out on this nine million degree day just after breakfast with Scarlett in tow. We had a simple errand to run - drive to the mall, enter AT(and)T and exchange our phones. Our expectations were high, we felt confident. We left, however, pissed off and dissatisfied.

Two weeks ago Gregg's phone crapped out. Our contract had recently expired so we decided to get new phones. We loved almost everything about our Windows phones but wanted to join the apple gang, so we did. We chose the iPhone 4 since it was free and right away we found several things that we didn't like - the camera being most important. Our Windows phones had ridiculously awesome cameras, these don't even come close. We also didn't like the overall layout, the email, the volume on calls, the ringtones ... etc. Besides Face Time and the variety of apps - these phones were beyond disappointing. We decided to exchange them - under the 'thirty days' policy.

We entered the store and were half-assedly greeted by a cocky little man with no intentions of helping us. I explained the situation and he showed me two phones we could choose from based on the criteria I provided. One phone was $200 and the other wasn't at all what we wanted. He then informed me that we would be paying a $35 re-stocking fee per each phone. Ummmm... yeah no. He said that our phones would be useless now and they can't resell them so they charge the fee. OKAY yeah, you're not going to turn around and sell our phones as refurbs or whatever. Bulllllllshit. I let him know how ridiculous that was, that I would never pay that fee and that I'd rather just carry two phones, using my old one for its camera. We left the store as he cheesily told us to enjoy our weekend. I wanted to punch him in the throat. You're probably thinking it's not HIS fault but I disagree. It's all in who you talk to and it's all in what you say. He was very callous, matter-of-fact, and unhelpful if you will. Probably employee of the month.

So, here we are ... for two more years. It just makes me irate thinking about how these companies really have you by the balls. What's the alternative?? Downgrading? To what? A pager? Cans and string? They know you're going to upgrade over and over - because you have to. Just like the cable companies. If you want to watch television, you re-sign your contract each year but you pay more for the same services. It is out of control.

Sometimes I just want to unplug it all. We could save hundreds of dollars and buckets of priceless patience. Maybe one day I will have the guts to do it but for now I guess I'll settle for being about thirty percent satisfied. I suppose we'll get used to our phones and forget how awesome our old ones were. Just don't Face Time me unless you're prepared to see my bitchy resting face.

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