July 5, 2013

the September block...

I am itchin' for Christmastime. Is that wrong? I can almost picture you guys crumpling paper and throwing it at my face... and did I see an apple core in there??

But I LOVE Christmastime! It's all so Robert Frost and Norman Rockwell. It's nice and chilly outside and there are hearty meals on the stove. The house feels even more like a home with it's festive red and green decorations, the fireplace lit and stockings hung - so picturesque. I can sit for hours watching holiday movies and cartoon specials or listening to the seasonal music channel. I try hard to push the stress of what gifts to buy, how to afford them and who is going where at what time for dinner to the backseat of these most treasured moments.

To be honest, I start getting excited when I switch the little wooden block on my perpetual calendar. Each time I flip it from May through August I see that September block lurking in the shadows ... it won't be long now. The last day of August is always exciting to me - knowing Fall is on its way and my favorite block will be on display for four whole months. I sound like a lunatic right? Who enjoys a calendar block? I think you know what I mean though - leaves a-fallin' ... bugs a-dyin' ... temps a-droppin'... it's poetry, really. I heart Fall and Winter. It's that simple.

So today, on our most majestic Independence Day, while celebrating our red, white and blue with the temperature into the humid nineties, I'm going against the grain and daydreaming of Charles Dickens and Bing Crosby.

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