July 14, 2013

the kindness of strangers ...

Imagine receiving devastating news. News that would affect your entire family, your entire life. News that would flip your world upside-down in a single second, leaving you speechless, deflated and scared to death. News that would make you question your future, everything you thought you believed in and everything you lived your life for.

Now imagine that the only way you can overcome this heartbreaking situation is by relying on the help of others - family, friends and ultimately the kindness of strangers. Imagine the vulnerability.

I've been sharing a link on facebook repeatedly and I'm sure a few of you have seen it, some have even shared it for me (thank you). I've posted the widget on my blog page for visitors to stumble upon. I've made many pleas to my friends and family for help - and those pleas have not gone unnoticed. I'm going to ask again - PLEASE HELP MY FRIEND'S FAMILY. 

I've known Danny for most of my life. My mother tells me that we played together as children long before I realized. Danny is my godparents' nephew. He was dealt a tough hand throughout his life but none tougher than what he is dealing with right now. The love of his life, his wife Michelle, has cancer. While pregnant with their fourth child, she has been diagnosed with breast cancer, and that cancer is spreading. They have now set up a second online fundraiser to raise money for Michelle's treatment. While she is away from her children seeking treatment Danny is trying to handle everything as best he can - CAN YOU IMAGINE??? The money they've raised and been given by family will only cover three weeks of treatment at the cancer center. THREE WEEKS.

I'm asking you to just think about this situation. Think about the deep love that you have for your family - your parents, your husband, your wife, your children. Think about how Michelle's children need their mother. How Danny needs his wife. How YOU can help them. Even if you have five or ten dollars to spare. If you have a thousand dollars collecting dust, just waiting for a rainy day... this could be that rainy day. PLEASE help. You can click here to donate or do so through the link at the top of my page. Please donate. Please share this with everyone you know. Thank you.

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