July 20, 2013

new mamas, do not fear!

I remember when I was pregnant how so many people would scoff at my daily routines. They would often say things like, "Just wait 'til you have the baby, you'll never (insert random thing that I do everyday ie: sleep, put on makeup, straighten hair, wash dishes, clean the house) again." I would think, Why would these people try to frighten me into thinking my life is going to turn into nothing but rice cereal and diaper blowouts?? Like I'm going to become that cartoon picture of that frazzled lady in her nightgown and fuzzy pink slippers with curlers in her hair with her coffee cup in her hand and her head on the kitchen table surrounded by a giant mess?? I would hold my tongue on most occasions but normally would fire back a, "Yeah okay, I'll just let my house turn to filth and walk around with bags under my naked eyes, sure." I knew I would beat the odds, I just knew it. And I did.

Pregnant lady friends, do not fear. While it will be difficult to go about your normal biz, you will still find time to do the things you really want to do. Things will change for certain, you may not be able to shower in the morning as you always did, you may be doing dishes at 11 pm, you may shorten your makeup routine or lasso your hair more often - but there will still be time to be YOU. After all, life is what you make of it, right? If you would rather read a magazine than sweep the floor - do it! Just remember that you DID have time to sweep the floor. If you want to spend an hour catching up on your DVR - do it! Just remember you had that hour to spend. There will be time. You just have to rearrange things a bit.

Sometimes it's best to ignore the 'been there done that' comments and just wait until you're actually in the situation for yourself. Best of luck, mamas!

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