July 26, 2013


Does your heart race after you eat a mixture of pretzel goldfish, Reese's Pieces and Hershey's Special Dark chocolate chips for lunch because you didn't have anything else to make and it's too close to dinner time to care?

Do you feel nauseated for five minutes every single day after you eat Oikos black cherry yogurt and Bel Vita biscuits for breakfast?

Do your arms and hands burn and tingle after eating chicken prepared a certain way or with a certain ingredient but you can't figure out what way or which ingredient?

No? Just me? Interesting. Trials and tribulations, right? 

Anyway, I don't want you thinking that I eat junk food lunches all the time but I will admit that mixture has become my new favorite snack. My breakfast has evolved from egg whites and wheat toast to yogurt and whole grain biscuits just because it's quicker and easier. Dinners usually consist of some form of grilled chicken breast, ground turkey or veggie pasta salad with chick peas. Ho hum. We always make and eat the same things it seems. So, yesterday I tried one of those crock pot Hawaiian chicken dishes that have been floating around on facebook. I used that simple recipe and paired it with white rice and steamed broccoli and it was pretty good! If you're looking for something different, tasty and easy as hell (I won't say "easy as pie" because I just don't think making pie is as easy as everyone says it is) I say try it out!

Or just make some microwave popcorn and put some candy in there.... I won't judge.

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