July 23, 2013

5 things...

5 least favorite foods:

1. tuna
2. steak/beef
3. cranberry sauce
4. cooked carrots
5. anything 'on the bone' (wings are unacceptable)

5 hopes, pipe dreams and shooting star wishes:

1. to have a book published
2. to sell original creations
3. to make all those desired "cosmetic upgrades" in the house and yard
4. to have an oceanfront home - with a peaceful wing for my mother
5. to win Powerball - that's kind of a 'given'

5 ridiculous things I did as a child:

1. After being told we were too young my friend Kim and I secretly "shaved" our legs for the first time with dull scissors in my parents' basement. We were probably nine or ten.

2. I used a dart to carve the names of all the boys that I had a crush on into the knotty pine paneling in that same basement. And I liked a lot of boys.

3. I refused to eat anything other than Froot Loops for a few weeks because I was convinced that I had mozzarella cheese stuck in my throat. The doctors even took x-rays.

4. I fell into a swimming pool filled with ducks in the dead of winter. (I lived in the sticks).

5. My friend Amy, my brother and I accidentally locked ourselves in a coat closet and were trapped for hours. We were sweating after knocking all the winter coats on top of us. We could barely breathe after my brother sprayed WD-40 to try to loosen the lock. We managed to knock the doorknob off the door completely which ruined any chance we had of getting out. Our mothers found us when they came home from work.

5 interests:

1. the story of Titanic
2. tornadoes
3. sharks
4. ghosts
5. serial killer bios/profiles

5 favorite songs:
(not necessarily a top 5, just 5 out of like seventeen thousand)

1. Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want - The Smiths/Dream Academy versions
2. Always on My Mind - Willie Nelson
3. Vienna - Billy Joel
4. Smile - Pearl Jam
5. Have You Ever Seen the Rain - Creedence Clearwater Revival

5 things I despise:

1. insects
2. awful people (murderers, molesters, abusers, terrorists, liars, braggers, thieves, etc)
3. bills
4. Scarlett's tantrums
5. asshole drivers

5 favorite rerun television shows:
(in random order)

1. Roseanne

2. Seinfeld
3. The Office
4. The King of Queens
5. The Golden Girls

5 jobs I've had:

1. cashier
2. waitress
3. nanny
4. office manager
5. graphic artist

5 things I typically order at a restaurant:
(not all in one sitting of course)
1. calamari
2. crab cakes
3. eggplant
4. salmon burger/fish sandwich
5. Grey Goose and tonic with lemon 

5 nicknames I have for Scarlett:

1. pea-pod
2. bo-beetie
3. honey-pie
4. goosey
5. dollie-face

5 movies that I never get sick of:

1. The Shining (natch)
2. Rosemary's Baby
3. Funny Farm
4. The 'Burbs
5. Bridget Jones's Diary

5 guilty pleasure movies:

1. Can't Buy Me Love
2. Teen Witch (yup, you read that right)
3. Bride Wars
4. Mean Girls
5. Clueless

5 favorite blogs (in random order):

1. Scathingly Brilliant
2. Achieving Clarity
3. The Bearded Iris
4. Design Sponge
5. How About Orange


  1. You made my day, including me on your list! Thanks

    Isn't there just something about Willie Nelson singing You are Always on my MInd? Sigh.

    I had no idea that Fruit Loops are an antidote to sticky cheese, and I have taken the CPR Emergency Response class. They really ought to include that information in their curriculum!

    1. HA! I'm so surprised that wasn't in chapter one!


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