December 21, 2012

A Christmas Ode...

'Twas four nights before Christmas 
and all through the halls
background noises were buzzing
and shaking the walls

The airplanes were plenty
the heat running hard
the dishwasher sloshing
the Brody on guard

The Griswolds adorned 
the Samsung TV
whilst I sat draped in fleece
just feet from the tree

Glowing and twinkling
the tree did its best
to pry Christmas spirit 
from those who detest

Each ornament hung
with the care of skilled nurses  
as the needles pricked fingers
drawing blood and some curses

Candy canes dangled
strategically tucked
they sure taste like crap
what do you want for a buck?

Then there's the oldies
the little green clock
the guy I call "corn man"
the mom-knitted sock

And from my crib mobile
a sweet, yellow bear
my brother's before mine
a staple, each year

And my favorite of all
you may know his name
with a weird, Amish beard
and maniacal mane

In his handsome, green suit
he hangs front and center
greeting and sizing up
all those who enter

Fred is his name
and he's crafted from felt
about fifty years old 
with a pretty sweet belt

But he's not just a tree-decker
no, that just won't do
Fred hangs in our bedroom
the whole year through

He sways from a curtain rod
looking out at the shed
he twirls around clumsily
from the hook in his head

But one December day
at the end of each year
he's placed on the tree
to spread his strange cheer

So, Fred, my favorite, 
this ode's from my heart
I'll keep you forever
if you don't fall apart

Happy Holidays!!