May 3, 2012

remember our treasures

"We move from terror and loss to unexpected good fortune, and out of darkness hope is born."

I heard this quote when I was in high school on an episode of My So-Called Life. Angela Chase read it from a book about Tarot I'm quite certain. Nevertheless the quote has remained with me all these years. I just love its truth.

I recently read of the passing of two beautiful baby girls. Baby Zoe had a malignant Rhabdoid Tumor and Baby Avery had Spinal Muscular Atrophy. Each also had their own loving parents, family and friends. Each taken away from the world before ever getting a chance to really see its beauty.
I am deeply saddened to learn of these heartbreaking stories as it hits very close to home now that I have my own little treasure.

Read about beautiful Baby Zoe here
and beautiful Baby Avery here

The reason I am writing about these sweet angels is because I have learned an invaluable lesson from them. And from their parents. 

Scarlett has been teething for months. She normally sleeps through the night but when it's really bad she wakes frequently. This can naturally bring with it a level of frustration. The other night was one of the bad ones. She woke every thirty minutes to an hour and I felt as though I was in and out of bed and up and down the stairs a million times. But this time I realized I wasn't frustrated. I thought of sweet Zoe and Avery. I thought of how their parents would give anything in the world to hear their baby crying for their comfort. I snuggled with Scarlett, gave her teething rings, rocked and sang her to sleep... over and over. I smiled in doing so. In those moments there was no place on this earth that I would have rather been. A warm bed doesn't compare to a cuddling baby staring into your eyes with love and contentment. 

Baby Zoe and Baby Avery have taught me to cherish every single second with my sweet baby girl. I thought I was doing that already but of course there are those times where we forget, just for a moment. My promise to Zoe and Avery is that I will remember. I won't take for granted my daughter's life. She is the greatest gift I have ever received and I will treasure her as long as I have air in my lungs. 

My wish is peace and comfort for the parents and families of these sweet angels. We must always remember, "...out of darkness hope is born." All my love and prayers go out to everyone who has been impacted and affected by these stories. 

{Image taken from When the World Was Waiting for You by Gillian Shields}

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