April 13, 2012

What can you get me?

What is it that happens to us when we reach a certain age that makes us incapable of telling people what we would like for our birthday? I mean, I know it sounds silly that an adult would even make a "birthday list" but I'm a pretty picky person, my mother and husband require ideas. I normally have an Amazon wishlist going year round, mostly with things that I delete a month after I add them. I can't figure that out either. Just today I logged on to check out my super great awesomely dope list and found four books that I'll never read, a pair of black boots that I won't need until October, a winter Guess bag and a necklace. All that stands on that list now is said necklace. Oh, and the pair of yellow, wedge sandals I added seconds ago. (So cute!

Part of my problem is I really only need things for the house. Like, I'll say how I'd love to buy new bedding or a rug for the living room. My husband refuses to buy me a quilt or curtains for my birthday. He also instructed me to not ask for something for the baby (after I saw this adorable little corduroy dress that had a raincloud, rainbow and raindrops on it!! Yes, I have a thing for rainy/rainbow/cloud stuff). I could come up with a list of thirty things I'd love to get for Scarlett yet I can't think of a single decent idea for myself. Is it because I know I can buy things anytime I want/see them? Well, that's only half true since we aren't exactly livin' like Jay-Z and B... and baby Blu. I don't know. I'm fully stumped.

The things that I would like are expensive. Such as a sapphire ring. I would like one for two reasons: one, because I've always loved sapphires and two, because it is Scarlett's birthstone. However, I am Fussy Gildenstern when it comes to the ring style as well as the stone color. Not to mention I like the ones that are like $900 versus the ON SALE NOW $89.95'ers. Sigh. What a jackass, right?

I just appreciate the fact that people are still willing to wrap up something special for a gal in her mid-thirties. Yup, I'm going to be 35 years old in about two weeks. I should probably ask for a housecoat, backless slippers, a chain for my eyeglasses and a Reader's Digest subscription. Well, I guess that wasn't so hard after all!

Pardon my cane. I'll be heading out for a baked scrod lunch at 11:30 tomorrow morning if you'd like to join me.

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