April 12, 2012

The Scenic Route

Gregg is on vacation this week so I packed up Scarlett June for an afternoon with Grammie so that her daddy and I could run around town. Well, we didn't really run anywhere, in fact I couldn't run from here to my bedroom without collapsing I'm quite sure. (My bedroom isn't very far you should note). We decided to take a ride down to Newport. I had wanted to take the tour of Belcourt Castle for the nineteenth time. We both really love the place and kind of know the history by heart. One day we are going to just "lose the group" and wander rebelliously throughout the halls on our own having sword fights and peeking in the cabinets. I should have known that the iron gates would be closed upon our arrival. Way to check the website before leaving the house, Sheri. Stoop. That's okay, Gregg wanted to check out a huge consignment shop that he'd found one day while working. Naturally that would be closed as well. So we traveled on, taking the scenic route.

The scenic route is awesome. Bellevue Avenue is a tree and mansion-lined stretch of road with a mixture of camera-clad tourists and everyday running residents. Not too far down the road is Ocean Drive. This drive opens up to beautiful Brenton Point. My favorite place in the state. Well, it's a toss-up between there and Beavertail Park in Jamestown actually. Brenton Point is a state park with a big, green field, mainly used for kite-flying in the summer and a gorgeous, rocky ocean view. I could sit there all day. Here are some shots from today, don't mind the awkward angles - I couldn't see a thing as I was staring into the sun...

 ^ That's Gregg!
^ Not my finest
^ We look like creeps
^ From the bridge on the ride home

We stopped at a consignment shop and I was so hungry I began to feel dizzy so we went to find something for lunch. We ended up at Besos Tea House. Not bad. Not great. The atmosphere was awesome though. I don't know who decorated that place but KUDOS. 

^ Sangria

We also stopped at HomeGoods and bought some new pillows, white sheets and a big, fluffy, white plush blanket for the bed which I promptly washed upon entering our home. I cannot WAIT to hit the sack! I do wish the castle had been open for viewing but it's only a thirty minute drive so it's not like we can't go next weekend... or tomorrow for that matter. We had a nice day together. We really are a couple of goofballs who break into inappropriate laughter no matter the setting. It happened several times today - that's what makes our days awesome.

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