April 17, 2012

Monday: minute by minute

It just hit me that today is Monday and I normally write my 'minute by minute' posts on Monday. Drat. Another day with minimal activity, although I did get a lot accomplished.

I knew it was going to be in the 80's today so I was admittedly a little over-excited to pick out Scarlett's outfit. She has sooooo many cute nine month outfits and I don't want her to outgrow them before it is warm enough to wear them! So I packed the diaper bag with two outfits and chose an adorable one for her first real taste of "summer"...

This was one of the very first outfits we bought for Scarlett the day we found out we were having a girl... May 5, 2011 to be exact. Wow, already almost a YEAR since that wonderful day!

I am slightly less fortunate when it comes to having a plethora of appropriate clothing for warm weather. I have plenty of shirts but when it comes to bottoms... it's maternity or bust. Crap. I had forgotten that I was pregnant last year and wore the same four pairs of capris all summer long. I had no choice today but to rock the denim ones. Rock is being way, way, way kind and stupid. I actually felt like a pregnant hobo. They were falling off of me. Saggy. Baggy ass. Rolling down. I was pulling, clutching, rolling, folding and tugging constantly. SO annoying. But I trudged on. I brought Scarlett to my mom's house for a visit and decided to run some errands before lunch. One of the errands would clearly be to find pants with a very specific waist and hopefully belt loops.

My first stop was CVS - because I practically live there. Next up was Lowe's, to bite the bullet and just go through with the "ordering of the carpet installation". So that's done and I got a great deal on the financing - 0% for 18 months... and yesterday was the last day for it. I finally snuck in before the bell rang! So, now we are just awaiting the phone call from the installer to set up our official 'carpeting of the stairs and hallway' appointment. Thank God. Those stairs are atrocious. I have hated that nasty, gray carpet since we bought the house. And then Brody made it far worse by chewing holes in it when we left him alone as a new pup. It's hideous and embarrassing. And soon to be all better.

My last errand was a Target run. I wanted new denim capris and a new cheapo, bright colored bag. Mission accomplished. And the bag is exactly what I was looking for...

I had no choice but to change into my new jeans upon re-entering my mother's house. Sorry, old maternity friend, you'll be packed away with the rest in case of a future summer pregnancy. I've read about people wearing their maternity clothes for months or YEARS after having a baby. How?? HOW?? I ask. Well, actually I do have a couple of shirts that I still wear because you can't tell ... or can you? Ask me if I care. 

Baby girl had a lot of fun rolling around in Grammie's new three season room - since there is no furniture in it yet. She was making my grandmother laugh so hard acting like a little big shot. She's very fun these days and she's been sitting up playing for such long periods of time. Such a big girl!

That was the bulk of the day.  The rest included: a ride back home, a beautiful cross-breeze, bills, mail, dinner, playing with S, bath-time, sleepy-time, humidifier fill-ups, dog bones, frozen yogurt and The King of Queens.

Hope you all enjoyed your Monday - no matter how your pants fit.

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