April 10, 2012

Do the hustle ...

Easter. One of the three days of the year that has become more about hustle and bustle and less about lasagna and leisure. Yes, that's right, I view most holidays in terms of my mother's cooking and how long I can keep my PJs on.

As kids, my brother and I always had the pleasure of staying home in our pajamas for the holidays. We could sleep in if we wanted to. My brother never did, he always had to wait for me to rise and shine. We excitedly opened our presents (or Easter baskets) with our favorite holiday music, movies and specials on the television. Our parents enjoyed their slow cups of coffee. We took our turns showering and primping and awaited our dinner guests. After dinner we were able to play with our toys, watch a movie, play a new game or take that infamous nap that follows a large holiday meal. Occasionally on Christmas night we would go to my Godparents' house for a visit. Ahh, those were the days.

When I got married everything changed. You inherit another family. You learn to make compromises. Marriage is give and take. For the first few years my husband and I didn't even have dinner together. He went to his sister's house and I went to my parents' house. We would meet up later in the day. We eventually worked out a plan that would allow him to eat dinner with his family and I was able to have my favorite meal alongside my family while we are under the same roof and traveling in one car. It wasn't quite ideal as we had to hurry back and forth and essentially watch everyone eat while people asked us, "Why aren't YOU eating anything?" Nevertheless we were together, visiting our loved ones, scarfing our lasagna if you will.

Once Miss Scarlett came along I was sure I'd get my wish - to stay home on the holidays. We have double wall ovens and plenty of counter space. I have no reservations about cooking my mother's meal here. We would welcome visitors later in the day. It didn't work out this time. We went to my sister-in-law's house for one o'clock. Her husband was running around like a lunatic trying to finish all of the side dishes while grilling lamb and taking a shower. It was quite an accomplishment! My hubby had his holiday meal of ham and all the fixin's and then we watched our nephews and the rest of the young'ns chaotically (and adorably) run around during their annual egg hunt. Scarlett took just a mini nap, maybe twenty minutes and we were off to Grammie's house. I had my holiday meal - including my favorite, Eggplant Parmesan while Gregg fed the baby her din din. We reconvened in the living room for the first annual, thirty minute Easter-basket-opening ceremony. My mom went a little overboard! She was just so excited to do it. She can't help herself. S has lots of new summer clothes and a few new toys and even some sunglasses and shoes! Thanks, Easter Bunny. :) The one thing I was really looking forward to was finally having coffee and dessert with my mother and grandmother. It's just something from my past that I really miss and haven't been able to coordinate it in about nine years now. This year fell through as well. We were too full from eating dinner late and I had to get the baby home for her bottle and night-night time. Oh well, maybe for Thanksgiving... or Christmas.

The holidays are always wonderful when we get to spend time with family, eat good food, have a few laughs and enjoy ourselves a little bit more than we do on the day to day. I just want to slow them down a little bit. I want to take some of the agenda out of them and just relax in our home. A couple of cocktails, a hunk of coconut custard pie ... you know, the little things. Plus, not having to haul three meals for Scarlett and her favorite toys and gear would be nice too. We'll see about Thanksgiving! Hope you all had a nice Easter with your loved ones. Here are some of our pics ... sorry the ones of Scarlett Bunny are blurry, I couldn't help uploading them though, they're so cute!

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