March 15, 2012

What's in my bag?

I always love to read What's In My Bag? in US magazine 
so today I thought I'd show you all just  
what I have in mine...

Excited?? Yeah, probably not. But what else do you have to do for the next two minutes? 
Take a peek...

Okay, it's NOT a $4500 bag - but it's still really cute and I love it. It's a Deena & Ozzy and it came from Urban Outfitters

Ohhh I bet you're just dripping with envy now!! 
Medicated Chapstick AND an inhaler?? I know, I know... I live the glamor life!

The rest of the list:
* Spearmint Altoids - the discarded mints of my mother who simply "can't stand them"
* A Hello Kitty notepad
* Trident White - peppermint (it's the only way to go)
* My super huge Guess Wallet that's come to be my "Costanza wallet"
* Ann Taintor cigarette case that I use on the fly when I don't want to carry said Costanza wallet
* Random life savor peppermints that I bought when I was pregnant
* Antibacterial hand gel... for immediate use after exiting Walmart
* Vaseline hand and nail conditioning lotion that I'm addicted to
* Various shopping notes that I've yet to throw away
* Argyle zip pouch - containing aspirin, ibuprofin, band aids, cuticle cream etc.
* Polka-dotted zip pouch - containing coupons
* Coraline zip pouch - containing floss picks (that's right, floss picks)
* Little Wizard of Oz pouch found on Etsy
* Lip Smackers lip gloss. I've tried the rest but I always come back to the best!

And I think that's about it! Of course I couldn't show you my inside zipper pouch!!
That's where all the secrets live! Wink Wink. 
Hope you had a blast rummaging through my things ... now beat it before I call the cops! Creep.

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