February 23, 2012

The Scarlett Letters #1

I'm not usually so generic but I just thought about creating a series of posts about Scarlett. What better a name than The Scarlett Letters? Corny? Maybe, but adorable just the same. Deal with it.

These letters will be anything I want them to be at any given time. No restrictions, no rules. Maybe just a picture or a few lines about her day. Maybe a letter from me letting her know how much she has changed my life. Maybe a list of cutesy things that I found for her on the clearance rack. Ya never know, it's going to be a grab bag ... hope you enjoy them.

Here is the first ever Scarlett Letter:

Well, my big girl is growing SO FAST I can barely catch my breath. I just spent roughly two hours putting away most of her 3-6 month clothing. I have now organized everything into bins and I will admit I got teary while folding away the 0-3 month stuff. I held up the outfit we took her home in and I just couldn't wrap my head around it. She was THIS small?? Where did my baby go? I feel much better having everything packed up and labeled for a possible next baby girl or perhaps to give to a friend in need (if I can ever let these things go).

We were both under the weather last week so we've made up for lost time this week. I bought a bunch of new Dr. Seuss books at Target yesterday so Scarlett has been doing a lot of reading... 

We also had a theme day - the theme was hearts, mixed with Punky Brewster I suppose...

She had a little fleece vest spattered with colored hearts to complete the mismatched ensemble.

She's been playing with her feet a lot more these days. She seems to enjoy taking her socks off, thinks she's a big shot with her bare feet - haha - it's pretty cute...

 Scarlett is getting so good at staying on her belly and learning to play with her toys and move herself around. She gets frustrated and takes a time out to suck her thumb now and then but she gets right back at it...

(Sorry, some pictures are a little blurry due to movement, zoom 
and the fact that 99% of uploaded photos are taken with my phone)

And I'll close out my first letter with two last photos ...

^ Transitioning to a sippy cup

^ and I think she's done with the ol' bouncy chair

Hope you all enjoyed the very first Scarlett Letter. Please feel free to comment and let me know what your babies have been up to lately. What's making you proud? What's getting you teary? I'd love to hear it all!


  1. I had to get to work earlier than usual today, cos we were expecting a package to arrive. Now I'm having my breakfast before I get to work and that's why I did the following: I tried to hit the "like" button, couldn't find it, panicked almost, where did the "like" button go? but I gotta like the kid! hahaha I'm so silly right now, but those are such cute photos. that "reading the book" one got to me, so lovely. she sure looks like getting ready for a review for a special book club.

    ...and Scarlett is a gorgeous name! ♥

  2. hahaha! that's too funny. thank you so much for the compliments, I I i take way too many pictures of her but just can't help it.

    thanks for reading!

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  4. So glad to hear/see that Scarlett is doing so well! She is such a cutie pie! Jackson is rolling over like a champ and only waking 2 times a night. Success! I'll have to email you updated pics...
    -Jenny C

  5. yes, Jen, please send me some new pix! glad he's sleeping better for you. S rolls over a lot too (back to belly)! she's getting so big!

  6. This is a brilliant idea. You will be so thrilled to have these letters one day. It goes so fast and though you remember things they overlap and blur a bit.

    Photo #2 made me laugh out loud. The look on her face just seems to be saying, OK, Mom. We will do this now, but some day......!

    So sweet!

  7. ha! thanks, May! things have already started to blur but between her baby book, my journal and this blog I'm determined to remember as much as possible.

    Thank you for reading :)


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