January 28, 2012

2 hours... GO!

Last night (Friday night) I recommended that my husband take the baby to his sister's house for a visit while I stay home and get a little break time. Normally we would go together and although I always SAY that I'd like to leave early - I never do. Before I know it, it's 11 o'clock and we're screwed. Before baby, it wouldn't matter what time we left - but now I have learned that one false move and POOF goes the schedule. And it can take up to two weeks to get this baby back on track. ANYWAY, that was my master plan.

So Gregg got home around 6 pm, he took a quick shower while I packed up the little pea for her trek. I asked that he be home by 8:30 so I could get the baby ready for bed and give her the bedtime bottle on queue. I had quite an evening planned for myself. I had about TWO hours and I had about thirty-nine things I wanted to do. First I heated up a bowl of pasta & beans for dinner. (Cheap chick pea and garlicky goodness)! Next I made myself a White Russian... 

Grey Goose vodka and Kahlua with a bit of 1% milk and .... no ice. SHIT! I forgot that our ice is off limits. Short no-ice explanation: I changed the water filter on the fridge last week and from that point on everything tasted like soap. Currently awaiting Whirlpool replacement ... tick tock. 

Okay so mildly warm (and a bit too strong) White Russian in hand I made my nightly call to my mom. I put her on speaker phone while I prepped for my mani/pedi... 

I chose "Wear Something Spar-Kylie" from the Kardashian line for O.P.I. Well, be warned, it looks way better in the bottle. When I saw it I had to buy it - it reminded me of a beautifully girly sparkly valentine. But after spending an hour and ten minutes on my twenty nails I realized it doesn't look "Valentiney" it just looks like my nails have been ripped off and the raw skin is showing. I can't tell where there's polish and where I nicked a cuticle. Ugh. Big fat waste of time there. In the meantime Gregg had called and texted me several times because the baby would not stop crying. They gave her another bottle, tried Orajel, teething rings, rocking her --- nothing worked. I was wondering if she missed me!? He later informed me that she had calmed down and was smiling and playing. (She didn't miss me). 

My nails were done, my piss warm cocktail was empty and I had hung up with my mom. I ventured over to my recliner for a little reading

I had US Weekly, Real Simple and Parenting to catch up on. However, I ended up flipping through the Kohl's flyer instead. After obsessing over beautiful Vera Wang bedding that even though is a great sale price I can't afford the Queen let alone the KING-

my husband was home with my baby girl. Quickest two hours everrrrr! But I did enjoy my mini-break regardless of the snags. 

5 accomplishments:
1. dinner
2. White Russian
3. nightly call to my mom
4. mani/pedi
5. a (VERY) little reading
* I'm pretty sure I can catch up on my magazines if I just stay off Twitter and facebook for one day! :o) Happy weekend!        

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