December 7, 2010

little list

Because I simply LOVE lists. 

Just a few things that I am loving right now...

a.) The cold, crisp air - it just feels clean when you walk outside 
b.) Peppermint Mocha Coffeemate
c.) My Hello Kitty Slippers
d.) Intervals on the treadmill and bike - makes the time go by so much faster
e.) Lots of lotion and eye-drops - gotta keep the 'dry' away
f.) My pretty little yellow cups and saucers
g.) Staying ahead of the Christmas stress-rush by doing a little each day/night
h.) Blogging my a$$ off
i.) The designs that I am currently working on (and my hope for them)
j.) My grandmother's great health as she turns 89 on Thursday
k.) Tomato soup, and LOTS of it
l.) Wearing black and tan together (I always hated it)
n.) Anne Hathaway
o.) The smell of the New Year
q.) Duffy
r.) Junior Mints
s.) Scrabble for PS3
t.) The lights from our Christmas tree
u.) Smaller grocery lists (and bills)
v.) Mustache mania
w.) Faithful journaling
x.) Christmas specials
y.) Benefit BAD Gal Lash mascara
z.) All of my wonderful and faithful blog readers! Thanks guys and dolls! 
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  1. Dare I ask...what is mustache mania?

  2. We must be twins. I love lists. This is a great list. I'm gonna go write my own.

  3. Hahaha Craff, mustaches have just become so ridiculously popular and I've always loved them...

    Jess, nice! I hope you publish it so we can all read

  4. I just love peppermint mocha coffee mate and I am supposed to not consume coffee... caffeinated or not.. and no sodas... what will I do. I LOVE your blog Sheri... Was going to share but wanted your permission first! Wanted to share the "God box" post. which reminds me, I must make mine!

  5. Of course you can share, Erin! Thank you so much for reading it, I really do appreciate it :)

    Now... to find an alternative for your peppermint mocha! What a bummer...

  6. you make me smile. i really don't know what i would do without how we've grown eh? it really is the simple things. xoxo eyeballs


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