December 24, 2010

holiday playlist with poll results ...

Happy Holidays!!
(Hope you enjoy some of my favorite Christmas songs)

Well, the Holiday Poll is closed as of this morning and I'd like to thank you all for voting! It has been decided (by 53% of you) that spending time with family is your favorite part of the holiday season. Next up is gift giving (34%), 12% of you voted for watching Christmas movies and specials, 9% said that decorating the tree is their favorite moment and a sneaky little 2% voted for opening presents! Hahaha I knew SOMEONE would do it (it's probably my husband)! Nobody chose holiday shopping - which is surprising to me! I actually very much enjoy shopping - from the comfort of my crappy computer chair that is! Whichever part is your most favorite I hope you have a wonderful holiday with your loved ones doing just what you wish! Merry Christmas to you and yours, with LOVE ~ Sheri

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