December 1, 2010

good ...

Busy busy busy!!! Who would have thought an unemployed bum like myself would be so stinkin' busy?? I have had lots going on these days - and surprisingly it is mostly GOOD and exciting! No, I didn't win the lottery... my debt is still quite real and very much annoying but I am focusing on the positive side of things these days. I figure, hey, if you can find something decent about what you are doing with your life every day then it can't be all that bad. 

I would first like to mention that Sallie Friggin Mae is finally out of our life!! As of yesterday that bitch is history! It was actually Gregg's loan but it became my Everest over the past few years. I was very diligent with our payments and I had my eye on the prize the whole time. Adios Ms. Mae.. IF that is your real name.

So on to the more exciting things... 

I have been toying with the idea of starting my own etsy shop for quite some time now and I have decided that I am going to give it a try after the holidays. I don't really expect my items to sell like hotcakes but I will feel better about my life if I at least give it a shot. I have nothing to lose. Over the past year I have been adding to my collection of designs and I will continue to do so until I feel comfortable enough to start my store. There is a market for everything out there, right? Maybe even sheribloggins' designs.

Another fun fact is that I will soon be doing some freelance graphic design work for a local sweets shop. While I am unsure of how it will work out, how many hours I will be dedicating and whether it will bring a desirable amount of income - I am stoked about the work itself! Such an adorable industry to work in. Imagine designing little cupcakes and ice cream cones ... and lots of other sweet treats! It is soooo up my alley. I really hope it works out well, it would be lovely to enjoy work again! 

Next up, the holidays! Christmas is actually RIGHT around the corner! I am proud to say that I finished writing out, addressing and stamping all of my Christmas cards two weeks ago! Yes, I got a jump on it because I had free time and figured I could just drop them in the mail when the time is right. I am also just about finished with my shopping! I only have a few more gifts to buy and then I will put on my wrapping hat and go to town! I am very much on top of things this year... I can't say that I've enjoyed it all as I have had a lot of sadness and bad news lingering - but I managed to keep the stress level down and I sailed through it all with ease. 

We created our own little Christmas world the day after Thanksgiving. I like to put the decorations up as soon as possible because they are just so freaking cute. So everything looks merry and joyful, red and green and glowing with candlelight. In every dish - a peppermint, in every tart-burner - a Christmas scent! I really do love this season. We don't always get to take the time to enjoy it but now that things have calmed down a bit I promise to do so. We watched Rudolph the red-nosed Reindeer last night (well, Gregger fell asleep right around the iceberg scene) and I look forward to The Grinch and of course Charlie Brown. I am a huge sucker for Christmas specials. 

I hope that you all are getting a chance to step back and soak up the season! Let the crazy sales and long lines go. Spend some time chopping down your own tree instead of picking one out of a parking lot. Build a fire and drink some hot chocolate (Cold Stone Creamery is delicious by the way- click the link for a coupon). Get together with the little ones (or the big ones) and enjoy an old Christmas classic. Whatever you do, remember that this season comes just once a year and while it seems hectic and stressful - it is wonderful. 


  1. you are so stinkin' awesome. the etsy idea is absolutely perfect!!! i think your designs will do great...and don't forget about greeting cards; honestly with your wit and wonderful to see/hear you positive, living in the moment and enjoying and making use of your time. i love you petunia.

  2. Well that is very sweet of you to say, my little zucchini omelette!! It's nice to have someone as supportive as you... not to mention good looking and downright crackers. love you!

  3. Love it! Love all of it! Enjoying your daily photo project, too.


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