December 22, 2010

and the baking has begun...

I officially started my holiday baking today. Not that I am thrilled about it. I am not a person who enjoys baking - at all - or the mess that goes along with it. I loathe measurements and cooking accuracy... I'm a 'fly by the oil in my pan' kinda gal when it comes to preparing food. This is why I prefer to create a massive amount of sausage & peppers rather than a stinkin' apple brown betty.

So today I decided to make chocolate dipped macaroons and cake bites. Easy enough and yet somehow still a pain in the ass. 

All my ducks in a row

The little darlings a'cookin

Pretty sure I took these out too soon (as I do with everything) for fear of burning them

 I kinda hate dipping things in chocolate - not gonna lie

Definitely getting prettier--- and messier

Awww can't argue with an adorable tin

or two adorable tins

Now that's an ugly tin and the macaroons kinda look like crap but hey, what can ya really do? I did my best!


  1. i should have enough, but you are a cupcake to offer!! love ya!


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