October 13, 2010

what's up

Finally, finally, finally it is the week we have been plucking our eyelashes out waiting for... Gregg's vacation! So here we are, eyelash-less and smiling. It is so wonderful to have him home all week long. We have breakfast every morning together and dinner every night. What a luxury!! We've been here and there and in and out but are also peacefully enjoying each others' company sitting side by side in our recliners. With a few appointments, errands and tasks this week, our calendar wasn't exactly clear - but we planned our fun around life's little inconveniences and are perfectly happy. 

Our dishwasher finally shit the bed last week and its replacement arrived this morning. I am really going to enjoy staring at that gigantic eyesore box in the dining room until we get it hooked up. Goes so well with the rest of the decor. Doesn't make my OCD tendencies fly off the charts or anything... honest. 

We took Brody for a long walk on a shady trail today. Crushing acorns and dodging horseshit piles the whole way. It was beautiful. No, seriously, it was... 

This evening I will be preparing a lovely portion of pasta salad to accompany tomorrow's meal of delicious sausage & peppers. We are having a friend over for casual eats and conversation, a farewell of sorts as he is soon leaving for California. Don't they always head West?? He will be missed. Although I wish him happiness - I secretly hope he dislikes being surrounded by beautiful people and warm weather and makes his journey back home a quick one. "I feel that a change is, a change is gonna come."

I apologize for this diary-like blog post but I was in the mood to write with very little material. Don't give up on me, baby. 

Now go out and enjoy this amazing weather... we know it won't stick around long!

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