October 28, 2010

pieces of my day ...

While in the shower I heard a fairly alarming bang. After sleuthing around for several minutes I came up with nothing. To be continued.

I was going over my budget when I heard an all too familiar yelping. I gave a quick peek outside, searching for Brody, and saw nothing but a serene yard covered in leaves. I checked the view from the kitchen door - not a creature was stirring. I threw some shoes on (well I didn't want to get my bare feet all yucky with overnight deck water!) and headed out the door. The yelping continued now with the addition of huffy gruffy barks. Yup. Someone had gone under the deck again into the forbidden and filthy unknown. Ya see, Brody is able to get under the deck with ease, following the flow of the "fencing" that is supposed to keep him out. However he has no exit plan. It must be pretty uncomfortable going against the grain in an effort to free himself. So, almost daily now, he whines and huffs and yelps until one of us hears him and rushes to his rescue. For a smart dog he never learns a lesson. So he comes out all energized and dirty, his "feet" just pitch black with the richest under-the-deck-soil in town. Always a pleasure. 

A simple trip to the ATM. Yeah, that should have taken five minutes round trip but I had a real peach in front of me so of course it turned into a lesson in practicing patience. Now I had nowhere to go, nothing to do, no agenda, no appointments. This was just a simple errand and I should have been relaxed and calm. But watching this woman pull up to the ATM, open her door, close her door, put the car in reverse, back up, pull up closer (not an inch closer than before I can assure you), open her door again and desperately reach for the keypad simply made my blood boil. Really??? Really? I watched as she fumbled around - like those struggling kooks on the over-exaggerated infomercials - hitting buttons and exchanging papers between the machine and her wallet. This took about four or five minutes I'd say. Sure, it doesn't sound like much but I thought for sure my head would combust. My two transactions took place in under a minute. I'd like my gold star now, please.

While doing some laundry I noticed that the bedroom window was wide open with NO SCREEN. Now, I think we have all heard my bug-a-phobe stories. I would never leave a window open without at least one layer of protection. Hence, my car never breathing a breath of fresh air unless I am inside it. So I was baffled. Where the hell is the screen?? Oh. There it is... it's in the backyard. Right. Because that's normal. Apparently the bang that I heard in the shower was our little gem, Brody, bodychecking the screen off of the window. I imagine he saw a squirrel in his yard, became excited and pissed off, pounced on the window knocking the screen into the backyard and realizing his mistake, ran out into the dining room to lay down like a good boy. This is how I found him after said shower. Thanks, Bro! Bastard.

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